"When They See Us," Netflix's latest docu-series premiered May 31 and the coverage of the Central Park Five unleashed a torrent of fury against Linda Fairstein. Across social media, people slam her for the wrongful imprisonment of five teens who never committed the crime. The former Manhattan District Attorney's being hammered from all sides. On Twitter, On Facebook, and elsewhere, anger boils over.

The premiere of 'When They see Us' saw anger at Linda Fairstein trending on Twitter

Many people only know Linda Fairstein as an author of the Alexandra Cooper books.

In those, she basically writes of her own younger life experiences as a New York prosecutor. Only, the main character's a major heroine. Well, one thing's for sure, nobody's calling the author a heroine today. People.com eventually put those not in the know, right on some of the facts behind the raging anger over "When They See Us."

In short, "Fairstein oversaw the interrogation of the so-called Central Park Five, the teens who were wrongfully imprisoned for years following the high-profile 1989 r*pe of a female jogger before their convictions were overturned." The Netflix docu-series shows how "five teenagers of color" claimed their confessions were forced out of them. In fact, later, DNA that matched the crime scene came from a r*pist who confessed to the crime.

Convictions overturned against Central Park Five but Linda Fairstein won't accept that

People also notes that despite thousands of documents supporting the overturning of their convictions, Linda Fairstein still does not accept the findings. Well, the City of New York accepted them, as they ended up paying out more than 40 million dollars.

In 2018 Fairstein still argued that the "When They See Us" teens committed the crime, in her piece published in the New York Law Journal. At one time she described the police work and investigations as "brilliant." She does not see imprisoning those five teens as wrong, claiming that the attacker always "ran with them." He just stayed around the crime scene longer.

The Netflix show, When "They See Us" reminded people of all of that which went down so many years ago. For many viewers, they were not even born yet, and yet the anger unleashed at Fairstein even saw some of her profile pages doctored. People are furious and others vow to never buy or read her books again. While many people feel she's just racist, one Twitter user noted that one of the policers officers, Eric Reynolds, on the case was also a person of color.

He also believes in their guilt despite DNA exonerating them.

The New York Daily News reported last year that he said, "This was a runaway train...I’m black and I grew up in the projects and it was scary being in the middle of something that had such huge racial connotations. I knew that nothing good was going to come of it. It was going to pit people against each other. That’s what made me feel kind of sick about the whole thing. Everybody who had some kind of an agenda was going to use it for their own ends.”

Netflix Docu-series airs and fury against Linda Fairstein erupts on Twitter

It looks like Eric Reynolds' prediction that everyone would climb on board and find an agenda to use it for their own ends might be coming true right now.

Other people simply talk about how shocked they are by all this that got revealed on Netflix. On Twitter, Donald Trump, Fairstein, and even actress Felicity Huffman get hated on. Here's what some people say about it all:

  • @mar**: "Don’t be fooled, this is the face of evil. It doesn’t matter how many actual guilty people Linda Fairstein is responsible for putting away. Her corruption, racism, and destruction of 5 young innocent children’s lives is her legacy. Disgusting."
  • @han**: "Just a reminder that Linda Fairstein, the prosecutor in #WhenTheySeeUs, also helped Harvey Weinstein get out of a sexual assault charge in 2015."
  • @Mka**: "Elizabeth [Lederer] and Linda Fairstein walked freely for years knowing they wrongly convicted black/brown young boys. Let that sink in #WhenTheySeeUS."
  • @Rac**: "what’s so despicable about Linda Fairstein is the way she uses “women’s rights” as an excuse to further her racist, unjust agenda. you can call her an extreme case, but we’ve seen this happen historically and we’re still seeing it today."

What do you think about all the fury unleashed after the premiere of 'When They See Us' on Netflix?

Do you think the Central Park Five were deliberately targeted by Linda Fairstein? Are you amazed that even though social media rages at the former Manhattan District Attorney and best-selling author over the wrongfully imprisoned teens, Linda Fairstein's accounts still operate as if nothing bad ever happened? Have you watched "When They See Us?"

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