"General Hospital"(GH) spoilers reveal that Crazy Nelle returns to "GH." This scene twist will upset the treacherous Shiloh. Recent rumors say that the head of the DoD is ready to put in place a new revenge, which will involve a female character. The two storylines could therefore coincide. Fans are looking forward to the return of Crazy Nelle.

In fact, now seems to be the time to bring back this key character, as she is the keeper of a secret that can change the lives of Michael, Shiloh and Brad. The recent "General Hospital" spoilers say that in all likelihood, she will meet Shiloh.

The two will bind in a dangerous relationship, which will lead to the truth about Jonah, a secret that has been in the dark for over a year now. The consequences will be worthy of a horror film and someone will get very hurt.

'General Hospital': the return of Crazy Nelle

The latest incredible "General Hospital" spoilers ensure the return of Crazy Nelle. As we know, her baby didn't really die. The child was given to Brad, who raised him as his own. On the contrary, the dead child on the side of the sidewalk was made to be the son of Crazy and Michael. The dramatic secret will come to light very soon, completely changing the scenario of the soap opera on air on ABC.

This story, which involves many characters of "GH" has been going on for over a year, but now it seems time for the showdown.

According to the official "General Hospital" spoilers, Nelle will return to Port Charles in next week's episodes. According to Soap Opera Digest, the episode in question should be that of June 10, a date to be marked on the calendar for soap fans.

Crazy Nelle returns in 'GH' and meets Shiloh

The soap spoilers reveal that Nelle will meet a very dangerous character.

In all likelihood, it is Shiloh Archer. The head of the DoD seems even more agitated, especially since he found out that Kristina has left the sect by not by her own will. Archer suspects that Sam and Jason are involved in this double-crossing and deception story. That's why he doesn't stop investigating and asking for more and more evidence from poor Sam, who has to be careful not to cross the line.

The return of Crazy Nelle will upset the current plots of "General Hospital." The latest "GH" spoilers tease that Crazy might meet a dark character after a long time. Who but Shiloh? After all, both are interested in the secret and mystery of the child given up for adoption to Brad. Shiloh could thus discover the truth about Jonah, Obviously, in all this complicated affair, also comes Michael, unaware of the important background. Stay tuned for the next unmissable "General Hospital" spoilers.