"General Hospital" spoilers confirm that Curtis Ashford will resort to drastic measures this week in order to secure a kidney for his wife. Time is running out and there is only one man who is a match and already in the hospital. On Friday, Ryan Chamberlain was approached by Curtis and later Dr. Finn about saving Jordan's life. He replied that he would only donate his organ if all charges against him were dropped. Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry both report that Jordan's spouse will concoct a plot along with Dr. Finn and Kevin that will cause the serial killer to rethink his options.

The plan will work and the operation is going to be a success.

Curtis gets help from Finn and Kevin

At the end of Friday's "General Hospital" episode, Kevin was in his brother's hospital room. Curtis and Finn had each talked to the serial killer separately about donating his organ to Jordan. Dr.Collins will no doubt ask his sibling to save the life of the police commissioner and be rejected as well. This is when the private eye, the psychiatrist, and the infectious disease specialist come up with their plan.

Spoilers say that Kevin will give his brother an injection that causes the serial killer to believe he is dying. Dr. Finn will rush in and save Dr. Chamberlain's life. Ryan will not know what his sibling did and will be concerned that whoever tried to kill him may try again.

"GH" spoilers say that Ryan still will not change his mind until he receives a visit from Stella. She will be the one to seal the deal and get the evil twin to consent to surgery.

Jordan accepts her fate

When Jordan was told of the bargain Ryan wanted to make, she refused to accept his terms. She also tried to get Laura to let her resign, but the mayor said "no." Mrs.

Ashford is also conflicted about the serial killer being her only hope. "GH" spoilers indicate that on Monday, she will accept the fact that she is dying and ponder how to say goodbye to her loved ones. The police commissioner will be fading fast when she gets the kidney she so desperately needs. She won't have any idea of what Curtis, Kevin, and Finn went through in order for her to survive.

Franco told the serial killer that he was supposed to be a genius but had been outsmarted by Ava. It looks like Curtis, Dr. Finn, and Ryan's own twin brother will outsmart him also. Jordan will live, but there is no indication of what Ryan's fate will be. Soap Dirt does say that after his brush with death he will consider that jail or a mental health facility is better than dying. How ironic that the man who took so many lives is afraid of death himself. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.