Work on the next James Bond is going on at a fast pace in Pinewood Studios but an explosion damaged portions of the set. An individual was also injured. He was a member of the crew and the “controlled explosion” damaged parts of the famous 007 Stage at the studio. It is located in Buckinghamshire, the shooting location of the spy movie. The filmmakers confirmed that those working inside the studio were safe but one person suffered a minor injury. He was outside.

The Guardian UK reports that the blast was a part of some stunt in the film. However, due to whatever reasons, it went wrong and left the roof and several wall panels damaged.

It was another instance of misfortune dogging Bond 25. Last month, Daniel Craig himself suffered an ankle injury. It happened when he was filming in Jamaica and the 51-year-old actor had to undergo two weeks of rehabilitation. This movie will be his fifth outing in the role of 007.

The world waits for Bond 25

The next James Bond movie is still without a name. Probably the production house wants to spring a surprise of sorts and keep their fans guessing. So far, there were 24 James Bond Movies. The titles of the initial ones were creations by Ian Fleming. The later ones were by the writers and, possibly, they have run out of ideas.

Who knows – they could ask fans to suggest a title based on some teaser trailer. In show business, nothing is impossible it seems.

Anyway, as the Guardian UK adds, Rami Malek will play the role of the villain.

Bond 25 will see Daniel Craig leave the field after ruling it for eight years as 007. Others in the cast are stars like Naomie Harris apart from Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch and Game Night actor Billy Magnussen. There have been delays in the production because of differences at important levels that led to a change of director.

The fresh date of opening is 8 April 2020 in the United States, Britain, and France.

Will Bond 25 be the end of 007?

According to the Sun UK, the explosion at Pinewood Studios led to a lockdown. The stunt crew were testing a stunt related to Bond 25. It involved a fireball in a laboratory when the incident took place. The fireball was supposed to go through the set but something went terribly wrong. There were three explosions. Incidentally, in March, director Danny Boyle quit the movie following a dispute over the script. It seems the franchise wanted to kill off 007 and Danny was not in favor of such an ending. However, Craig himself and producer Barbara Broccoli had other ideas. They wanted James Bond to die in a “spectacular finale.” Fans will have to wait to see what finally happens.

There has been plenty of speculation on who will don his mantle after Craig calls it a day and, in case he dies, that chapter will be closed. The question that will remain is whether Bond fans will accept such an ending.