"Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers say Kristen DiMera will want to get rid of Ted. The woman will obviously not get her hands dirty and ask Xander to follow her orders. Why will Kristen come to this drastic decision? In the next episodes of "DOOL", Ted will commit an imprudence that will cost him a lot of money. The man will go to 'Nicole' and confess an important detail about Holly's fake death. He doesn't know that 'Nicole' is actually Kristen wearing a mask. That's how, unknowingly, Ted will dig his own grave. What will Xander do? A probable hypothesis is that he kidnaps Ted, but we can't rule out that Nicole's fake solution isn't enough.

Consequently, we could also see in the next episodes of the soap opera the tragic death of Ted. In this way, Kristen DiMera would be safe, as would the secret about Holly's fake death.

Ted makes a big mistake

Spoilers also reveal that Hope will be surprised by Ted, who will make her a special present. However, the situation will evolve in an unexpected direction. Ted doesn't know how to win Hope back and will end up making an unforgivable mistake. Hope will talk to Kate about her relationship with Ted, confiding her doubts about it. Ted must change, or he will have no chance of winning Hope back. As we know, Ted is not a good guy. Hope tries to trust him, but he is not aware of his misdeeds.

Ted in fact, in the previous episodes of "DOOL" has made sure that Holly was dead, devastating the lives of many people.

Ted, at the time, had availed himself of Xander's complicity. Ted still doesn't know that Xander has a love affair with Kristen, the fake Nicole. What will happen when the man becomes aware of this bond?

: Kristen wants to kill Ted

"Days of Our Lives'" most recent spoilers say that Ted will make a fatal mistake. The man in fact, not knowing that 'Nicole' is actually Kristen DiMera, will make her a confession.

Ted will not know that he has talked to the dangerous Kristen and for him, they will be serious trouble, as Celebrity Dirty Laundry anticipates. Most likely, Ted will reveal to the fake Nicole some crucial details to link the 'death' of little Holly to Xander. The tension, as always, will be very high. We are sure that the wicked DiMera will not appreciate the betrayal of the naive Ted and will plan tremendous revenge.

Other "Days of Our Lives" spoilers tease that Kristen will be furious after Ted's confession. The wicked DiMera will realize she's in danger and so she'll think about how to get her revenge. Kristen will tell Xander to get rid of Ted forever. What will the fake Nicole have in mind? Surely, nothing positive. According to the assumptions of 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', Xander could kidnap Ted or, worse still, kill him. More details will emerge with the upcoming "Days of Our Lives" spoilers. Stay tuned for the latest news and rumors about the soap opera.