Several sources recently spread misinformation regarding the alleged death of Geto Boys' Bushwick Bill. Internet users passed on the news after the initial story broke via Twitter. Even rapper Bun B gave his condolences in a tweet. However, according to his family, Bushwick Bill is still alive.

In a TMZ update, it reports that the Geto Boys' rapper is battling pancreatic cancer as his loved ones stand by his hospital bedside. There are also nine risk factors for it. Reportedly, Bushwick's publicist contacted medical staff, and they confirmed that he's not dead but is still fighting.

And while some family is already with him, others are in transit to the hospital. Complex reported that Bill was supposed to attend a gig on Saturday night (June 8). Yet, he didn't show up because he was hospitalized. That's when the rumor likely began, according to TMZ. Bushwick's publicist says that's when incorrect information was released about his condition.

Also, according to his Instagram, Bill's son updated everyone on his behalf. "Contrary to what has been prematurely, insensitively, and inaccurately posted/reported," he mentions, the rapper isn't dead. Bushwick's son mentions via Bill's IG that he's currently fighting for his life. According to the son, Bill needs "continued prayers and support." But also, his son says many have written his father off as "dead" for virality.

With that in mind, he notes it's clearly seen that certain people actually don't care about Bill or his health situation. "There is no Geto Boys without Bushwick Bill," his son continued.

Bushwick Bill speaks for himself

Bill's son went on to thank TMZ for updating its article on Bushwick's alleged death. He also mentions that — speaking for the entire family — he requests the utmost privacy on the situation henceforth.

Nevertheless, via Instagram, on May 25, Bill made the announcement that he'd been in the hospital since the previous day. "Yo, for all of y'all out there who thought I was healthy enough to make a tour, I've been in the hospital since May 24."

He said that medical personnel was also testing for a blood infection of some sort.

In the video, Bill noteed that chemotherapy has given him an infection in his lungs. However, via the recording, Bushwick was just letting everyone know why he wasn't on the tour. If you're interested in the video, it's located below.

On May 23, TMZ published an article saying that Bushwick Bill had pulled out of his tour. The article brought awareness of his medical condition. However, during the above video, the legendary rapper mentions it wasn't that he simply pulled out of the venue. Rather, his health currently isn't allowing it to happen and people should understand the situation better — instead of thinking otherwise.

All in all, many people are sending prayers and positive vibes to Bushwick via social media during this time.