"90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" on TLC features Laura, 51, from Florida. After meeting 29-year-old Aladin on Facebook, they chatted for about eight months. Then she went over to meet him in Qatar and within three days they were engaged. Later, we saw her 'adopted brother,' Ludwing freaking a bit as she told him she married Aladin nine days after she landed in the country. Now, Laura Jallali and Aladin enjoy living his culture. Wednesday night she posted up an Instagram Story showing her smoking, and later, a post to deny that she's smoking pot.

Full on into Arab culture, Laura of '90 Day Fiance' enjoys herself

Aladin's originally from Tunisia which is recognized as an Islam nation, but he now works in Qatar as a personal trainer. For Laura, some issues she works through include the fact that Aladin can easily marry up to four women in his culture if he chooses. Plus, he's young, so he may want children that she can't bear for him, she said on "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way." Anyway, for now, it seems she's just getting on and enjoying being the love of Aladin's life.

Obviously, one highlight of living with a local is knowing you're in good hands when it comes to getting out and about in Qatar. It can be a bit difficult to navigate all the rules as a visitor, never mind as a resident in the country.

An expat advice site, Matador Network, notes many things that are restricted. These include no PDA, which could land you in jail. Plus, modest dressing's essential or you could be told to leave an establishment. Any alcohol is strictly limited and you have to take it straight home and drink in private. So, yeah, maybe that's why people thought Laura was getting high on pot.

Getting high on pot? Laura Jallali denies smoking that stuff

After sharing a story showing her smoking, and another photo of Aladin enjoying himself with a pipe, it seems Laura got some accusations of getting high on pot.

However, she denied that she smokes. In another post, she wrote, "We are smoking a Hookah this is NOT a drug of any kind it’s flavored vape ours is mint. This is very popular to smoke at the cafe in the Middle East and North Africa... oh brother I’m 51 I’m too old to be smoking pot ...lol come on now."

That got quite a few "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" fans noting that "you're never too old to smoke pot." One fan pointed out, "Never [too] old for pot! It would actually benefit you!" Many similar comments came, like this one: "Do whatever pleases you and your man. And by all means Smoke pot!" Then there was, "You can smoke whatever u want!"

Helpful '90 Day Fiance' fans explain the hookah

One fan explained that a "lot of people from the USA don’t know what it is!

Hang out with some Arabs and then you’ll get the experience! Have fun..my fav flavor is blueberry with mint!" Another one posted up, "Very common in the states too..they're called hookah cafes or bars." Well, possibly it depends where you go and hang out, as quite a few fans were not sure about it.

What do you think about Laura Jallali denying that she smokes pot? Do you think people just didn't know what a hookah looked like? It certainly seems that Laura's enjoying the culture in Qatar alongside her husband Aladin.

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