disney's made a reboot fo the original movie “The Lion King” that hits the screens on July 19 nearly 25 years after the first one in 1994. The storyline remains the same but the methodology adopted is different. The technology of the 1990s was primitive compared to what is available today and Disney created better footage. They have introduced advanced technologies to ensure that the reboot turns out to be another billion-dollar hit. This projection is based on the trend observed from the initial pre-release ticket sales as indicated by ticket service agencies.

The movie could set records with respect to the reboot of other animated classics from the house of Disney.

Daily Mail UK reports “The Lion King” has taken the fancy of the people even before release. Donald Glover and Beyonce are among those who have lent their voices. Indications are that it could overtake other live-action adaptations like “Beauty And The Beast” and “Aladdin.” The former released in 2017 and grossed $1.2 billion worldwide. The latter, starring Will Smith, released on May 24 and it is doing well. The question is how will it do once “The Lion King” is released.

Making of ‘The Lion King’

The movie was a classic and with a good storyline coupled with superb animation, “The Lion King” was in a class by itself.

It was the tale of Simba the young lion who is destined to succeed his father Mufasa. He grows up step by step and learns to face challenges and the movie became one of the most successful animated films in the history of Hollywood. Jon Favreau is the director of the reboot and his team has relied on new concepts to lend zing to the settings.

They have resorted to high-tech video game technology to bring life into the surroundings.

Daily Mail UK says the result is a unique offering that will keep the viewers enthralled as the scenes unfold.

This technology (or digital tools, as the director says) will provide a new cinematic experience and bring alive the sights and sounds of the African savanna and its inhabitants. Fans will be waiting to move into the forests and be one with the characters. Jon Favreau has devoted nearly two and a half years to this project and is hopeful about its impact.

‘The Lion King’ set to break records

According to Express UK, “The Lion King” of 1994 earned $317million in the US and $968million in total. The reboot after 25 years and scheduled to release July 19 could bring in equally spectacular, if not better, results. In the opinion of agencies who keep track of sales, this movie is outselling every other Disney animation so far.

It has already overtaken “Toy Story 4” and last year's billion-dollar “Black Panther.” Websites that handle US advance ticket sales are reporting record-breaking numbers and it remains to be seen if it can beat “Avengers Endgame.”