"Young and the Restless" (Y&R) spoilers ensure a huge twist planned for the next episodes of the soap opera. Hilary Hamilton might come back. According to TV Source, actress Mishael Morgan, who played the much-loved Hilary Hamilton, will return to the cast of "Y&R." Hilary has already appeared in the form of spectra in several episodes, scaring Devon to death. However, these fleeting appearances could turn into a constant (and decidedly disturbing) presence. It seems that Hilary is back in Genoa City, although we don't know what role and how. How will Devon react when he finds himself in front of Hilary, the woman he loved and saw die in his arms?

Mishael Morgan back in the cast of 'Young and the Restless'

The latest disconcerting "Young and the Restless" rumors suggest that actress Mishael Morgan will return to the cast of the soap opera set in Genoa City. Will the actress play Hilary or a different character? Fans remember that Hilary Hamilton died in Devon's arms at the hospital, leaving him in a state of total devastation. However, as often happens in soap operas, a character believed dead might unexpectedly return to the scene, perhaps under other clothes. Let's not forget also, that we don't know if Hilary really died, since at the last moment, the cameras cut to another scene, leaving fans with loads of doubt. A new mystery, exquisitely paranormal, is about to upset Genoa City.

Fans are thrilled after this rumor.

Is Hilary Hamilton back in 'Y&R'? Devon terrified

As is often the case, the deaths of the characters in "Young and the Restless" may no longer make sense, and the production may be thinking of reinventing them. We can't rule out the possibility that Hilary's twin sister, perfectly identical to her, will arrive in town.

In this case, the actress's return would be more than justified. What seems certain by now is that Mishael Morgan will return to the cast of the soap with a fixed role and this creates new storylines.

Other "Young and the Restless" spoilers suggest that Hilary, once back in town, might reunite with Devon and forge a new relationship with him.

What will Elena do? Most likely, she will have to find another love and reckon with the return of a ghost from the past. Fans, after discovering this incredible twist, are wrangling over social media to formulate the most diverse hypotheses about Hilary's return to the soap opera. Mishael Morgan is likely to join the cast of "Y&R" in the coming weeks. To find out the truth about this mysterious and very disturbing return, we just have to wait for the next "Young and the Restless" spoilers. Stay tuned.