"Game of Thrones" showrunners have been giving some cryptic responses, regarding the Night King's death, lately.

"It's very possible that the same thing that created the Night King was necessary to destroy the Night King," Dan Weiss said in the "Game Revealed" segment of episode 3, "Maybe it's Valyrian steel...or figure it out for yourself, not gonna say."

This is a curious statement, to say the least. It's almost as if he is hinting that we haven't seen the last of the Night King.

Also a few days later on the Jimmy Kimmel show, the showrunners straight up refused to answer whether or not we are done with the White Walkers all the while having the most suspicious looks on their faces.

Take a look.

Suspicious, isn't it?

It's no secret that many fans are disappointed with the whole White Walker storyline, so why in the seven hells, would they give fans false hope with such obscure statements? Unless, of course, the Night King and the White Walkers are indeed coming back. Let's explain.

What is dead may never die

The Greyjoys have always said: "What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger." And yet everyone these days seem to believe that the Night King will just stay dead.

And if you don't trust the Greyjoys (after episode 4 who could really blame you) let's take a look at some very interesting tweets from Vladimir Furdik, the actor who plays the White Walker leader.

Food for thought, indeed.

Again, he could either be trolling, thus giving fans false hope that the leader of the White Walkers will return, or something else is at play.

The Night King's return and the final twist

If you take a closer look at the new "Game of Thrones" intro sequence, you will notice a certain location that we haven't seen before - The Isle of Faces. In the books, this island is in the middle of Westeros, near Harrenhall, but as you can see below they've moved it closer to Kings Landing.

According to Reddit user u/MrSilenceT, that's exactly where Bran will go after finding out that the Night King and his army have risen again.

It should be noted that it's highly unlikely that Bran stayed in Winterfell in episode 4.

Instead, he probably went south with Jon in order to help him defeat Cersei. While on the road, he will learn that the Army of the Dead has reassembled and that they are coming south.

Bran will then go to the Isle of Faces, where the main Weirwood tree is. Once he gets there, he will realize that the only way to get rid of the Night King foor good is to travel back in time and stop his creation.

Once he travels back in time, he will warg into the man who later became the leader of the White Walkers in order to stop the Children of the Forest from converting him. But he will fail miserably and the Children of the Forest would end up turning the man with Bran's consciousness trapped inside him into the Night King.

Meanwhile, in the present time the Night King, who we now know has Bran's consciousness trapped inside him, will arrive in front of the main Weirwood tree where he will see Bran in his warging state. He will then kill Bran, and as a result, he and his whole army will be destroyed as well, this time for good.

In this scenario, the Night King wouldn't just be the braindead villain with no depth whatsoever. Instead, he would be what he was always meant to be - the tragic hero of "Game of Thrones."