"Southern Charm" had its sixth premiere and in the "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen" after show, Kathryn Dennis fidgeted quite a lot. She chatted to Andy Cohen about Thomas Ravenel and seemed anxious. In fact, fans noticed that and now it turns out she went to Instagram to talk about her nerves. However, her fans don't mind. They took to social media to offer comfort and support her, as she's just human, and also, very, very classy.

'South Charm' Kathryn Dennis discussed Thomas Ravenel in the after show

For "Southern Charm" star, Kathryn, it can't really be easy to talk about her life right now.

Ahead of the premiere, she spoke to People about how difficult Thomas could be. Daily mail noted that she told People that Thomas, "moved me immediately to a different state, kept my pregnancy a secret until the day I gave birth." Kathryn and Thomas share custody of two children, Kensington, (5) her daughter, and their son Saint Julien, aged three. Right now, the couple fights it out in court for custody following allegations of assault on their nanny Dawn Ledwell.

Among other allegations reported by the Daily Mail UK, were some ugly incidents involving cocaine abuse, too much alcohol and even "acts of domestic violence" against Kathryn. Of course, fans know Thomas Ravenel's no longer with "Southern Charm," and faces his own charges in court, apart from the custody hearing.

For Kathryn, this tense and difficult time stresses her. However, she still manages to look beautiful and classy. In the after show she talked about Thomas, which cannot be easy for her.

Classy answer 'Southern Charm's' 'one that won't go away'

A classically classy answer came when someone phoned in to ask if Kathryn let the wrong guy get away.

When she replied, she looked rather nervous about answering it. Looking at Andy and covering her mouth, she said her life would "certainly be different now." However, she added, speaking of Thomas Ravenel, she's stuck with 'the one that won't go away."

That got a chuckle out of the audience, and Andy even told her "that was a good one." After that, Kathryn seemed a little less anxious.

Her obvious nervousness though, never quite left her, but that's okay. Just like everyone else, it's human and anxiety gets the better of lots of people every single day. Considering her current troubles, it's surprising how well she held it all together.

Nerves and anxious moments for 'Southern Charm's,' Kathryn

Later, Kathryn shared about her anxiety and nerves on her Instagram. She captioned it with, "I struggled to be still during #wwhl. so much is going on in my life right now and I was anxious and nervous af. anxiety sucksss and It’s important to talk about [it]." However, she thanked her "Southern Charm" fans for their support as well. Some of them responded to her, and here's what they said:

  • @Tin**: "I can’t even IMAGINE dealing with what is going on in your life right now and suffering from true anxiety can be crippling during times like those. You have already conquered so much and I’m sure you will this as well. As my grandmother used to say, “this too shall pass”. "
  • @Cha**: "You are beautiful, graceful, and a great mom. You got this ."
  • @Its**: "I heard your voice shake a little and realized how nerve-wracking it all must be. I have anxiety and would’ve been a nervous wreck.. on top of everything else going on too."
  • @Mel**: "As I watched the episode it was very clear you were simply nervous and being a normal human! You looked fab, sounded classy, and exude realness."

What do you think of Kathryn Dennis who fidgeted from nerves and anxiety, but managed to remain classy anyway? It can't be easy to talk about Thomas Ravenel, after all.

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