"Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant" couple Ashley Jones and Bariki "Bar" Smith, had a tumultuous relationship. Although the couple became engaged - screened in April last year - things went bad. Fans of the MTV show may recall that their baby, Holly, arrived in September 2017. Following alleged domestic violence and a falling out, things looked ugly for them. However, back in March this year, MTV asked if therapy could help the troubled couple.

Bar arrested for domestic violence saw separation from 'Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant's' baby Holly

December 2018 things were probably at their lowest low.

Actually, Ashley had called the cops on Bar and he ended up in jail. MTV reminds us that she said, "He has to go to court and deal with the consequences that come with putting your hands on somebody.” She added that maybe now he's "beginning to understand that, hey, in the real world, there are consequences to your actions.” Ashley's Reality Round-Up noted that his arrest involved “Battery on a Spouse/Ex Spouse." When he got out of jail, Bar swore never to miss his daughter Holly's milestones again.

Back then, MTV speculated on whether Bar could keep those promises and still be with Holly as she went through her milestones. It didn't look great if the couple continued with a "toxic relationship." Nonetheless, this year, it seems things may be looking up for them.

Apparently, they both attended therapy to try and work out their problems. You may recall them talking about it at the "Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant" reunion. Back then, Ashley said, "We took some time apart. He’s going to therapy, I’m going to therapy, we’re going to therapy together.”

The 'Teen Mom' couple look to be in a better place these days, according to Ashley's Instagram

Active on social media, you hardly ever hear Ashley putting down her man or the other "Teen Mom" stars.

In fact, her latest post seems positively glowing with praise for Bar and his co-parenting of Holly. In it, Ashley posted, that "Bar was at every obgyn appointment." Not only that, but he also "rubbed [her] back and supported [her] through [her] whole pregnancy."

Actually, she notes that Bar sat there through the 40-hour delivery ordeal holding her hand.

Ashley notes that she "thanks God" daily for giving her "a partner in this." And, she dishes praises not only for what happened back then, but now. "I thank God that Holly has a father to love, protect and guide her. I thank God that we always come together to do what’s best for our daughter," she wrote. Plus, she noted that baby daddy's often don't get enough credit, but she got an amazing one. On raising Holly together, she feels Bar's the best.

Kailyn Lowry of 'Teen Mom 2' got the chills reading that message to Bar

Kailyn popped up on the post, saying, "This gave me the chills!!! Love this and y’all!" Next up, we see Bar replying to Ashley, "This literally just turned my day around, I wasn’t having to great of a morning till I seen this ❤️.

I love you and holly till the end of my time and some and I’ll keep trying my best to be the best I can be for y’all ❤️. thank you for this I needed it today." Actually, earlier this month, Bar posted up a lovely photo of him with Ashley and Holly, noting that he never misses an opportunity to love his family.

When one person asked Bar how they "make it work and stick together with [the] families not liking the other person," he ascribed it to "growth." However, asked if they lived together now, he never replied. However, over on Ashley's Insta, someone got in her face about still being with a man who put his hands on her. In reply, she told them off, then added "it’s fine because I am NOT ashamed.

That did happen, but they should study the bounce back because therapy and prayer can heal."

So, we still don't know if they actually live together all the time or not, but it looks like they both try hard. In fact, it sure looks like they're in a better place, and that therapy could still salvage their relationship.

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