Two fan favorites are scheduled to return to "The Young and the Restless" in June. Sources have leaked the information to spoiler alerts that Kevin and Lily will both be seen in Genoa City on May 26. Christel Khalil, who chose to continue in a recurring status was last seen during the memorial service for Neil at the end of April. Greg Rikaart was let go last summer but came back a few months later to help Victor hack into Nick's bank account. Lily more than likely will not stick around town for long. Kevin, however, will be a part of major happenings as Adam has is alive and both Chloe and ' are slated to come back soon.

Christel Khalil changed 'Y&R' for her castmates

When Christel Khalil decided to remove herself from contract status, she changed the dynamic not only for her character but for several of her "Y&R" castmates as well. Once Lily decided to divorce Cane and move out of town, the writers dropped their children, Charlie and Mattie, to recurring roles as well. Now Cane is alone and has quit his job at Chancellor. The only friend he has now is Traci Abbott.

Initially, Lily forgave Cane's indiscretions and agreed to be a mother to little Sam, his son with Juliet. The child is rarely mentioned and is never shown on screen. He should be at least two years old by now. The bottom line is that the Ashby family has been torn apart.

Be that as it may, Christel Khalil fans will be happy to see her in Genoa City again as Lily, and the twins may show up for the reading of the will also. No details have been given about what Neil has in store for his loved ones, but the fact that they are emphasizing the will indicates there will probably be some surprises.

Greg Rikaart's return to 'Y&R' spells trouble

The return of Greg Rikaart as Kevin is exciting for several reasons. The talented actor never should have been let go, and where Kevin goes, there is always trouble. Michael's little brother coming back to Genoa City puts him in the middle of several current storylines. Adam is alive and on Friday someone shot him.

It's been confirmed that Elizabeth Hendrickson will be reprising her role as Chloe, so it's safe to say she will be in town with her spouse. She may be the most logical suspect for shooting Adam because he is responsible for Delia's death.

Victor ordered Kevin and Chloe to leave Genoa City and to never return because it was believed Adam perished in the explosion that was set off by Chloe. Chelsea is also coming back to town so there will be a lot of mixed emotions related to Adam and how things got to this current situation. Be sure not to miss the return of Greg Rikaart and Christel Khalil's characters to "The Young and the Restless" on June 19.