Thomas is s self-centered on ”The Bold and the Beautiful” that he cannot see the problems his obsession with Hope is causing. He is desperate to make sure he and Steffy‘s love lives work out, that he is leaving collateral damage all over the place. His recent decisions will have far-reaching effects and may cause three relationships to be severed. Ridge, Liam, and Wyatt may soon find that irreparable damage will cause them to part ways with Brooke, Hope, and Sally. Thomas claims he is looking out for Douglas, Phoebe, and Kelly, but it’s really all about the woman he never stopped loving.

Once his sister returns from Paris, the dominos will begin to fall.

Thomas causes chaos for his family

Thomas asked Sally to keep his secret that he is in love with Hope. Wyatt found a text and wrongly believed Sally and her husband ex were hooking up. On Monday, Sally told Wyatt the truth and he was shocked that she withheld information that involved his brother. The look on his face suggested that their relationship may now be damaged. Meanwhile, Thomas confessed his love to Hope, insisting she allows Liam to be with Steffy and her daughters. Wyatt may not forgive Sally and Hope may actually consider what her former boyfriend is proposing.

In addition to problems for Wyatt and Sally and Liam and Hope, Ridge and Brooke’s marriage will be affected.

Brooke was livid when Taylor suggested that Hope be a mom to Douglas. When she finds out that her son in law is trying to break up her daughter’s marriage, this will cause a rift with Ridge who will no doubt defend his son. Thomas may cause three couples to have problems and there is no guarantee Hope will want a future with him.

B&B relationships in the hands of Thomas

Hope and Thomas were once in love but that was a long time ago. Her loss of Beth and growing feelings for Douglas, however, could cause her to consider his offer. of reconnecting. Liam loves his wife but also cares for Steffy and her girls. He may be torn as well over which woman to devote himself to.

Brooke and Ridge will have serious problems as she wants Lope to survive and he will support his son and daughter. Should Steffy return from Paris and be in agreement with her brother this may be a game changer.

On Tuesday Thomas pulled out an engagement ring and told Hope he would wait for her. Wyatt informed Liam of what is going on, and Sally moved out. Wyatt believes she should never have agreed to keep the secret as Thomas requested. The Forrester siblings working together could spell the end of Liam and Hope as well as Ridge and Brooke's marriage. When the baby switch is revealed everyone's emotions will be all over the place. There is no telling what will happen so stay tuned. May Sweeps on "The Bold and the Beautiful looks very promising.