"RHOBH" saw yet another friendship dissolve on Tuesday as LVP tried to talk to Dorit Kemsley about 'Puppy Gate.' It ended badly, and People reminds us that Lisa called her a "stupid cow." Meanwhile, Tuesday's show, episode 12 out of a total of 20 episodes continues with Lisa Vanderpump at the center of the lives of the cast. Actually, the gossip, back-stabbing, bust-ups all dominate the show this season that seems to have only one main storyline. That's the fact that the other women believe LVP lied about leaking the story of Dorit's adopted dog ending up in a shelter, to Radar Online.

Actually, some fans think it's all grown into a bit of a snooze-fest. However, Bravo focuses on that, with only a short snippet of Lisa doing something useful with her life for India Pride.

The 'RHOBH' season's all about gossip and LVP's broken friendships, and fans grow weary

So far this season, Kyle Richards, with no proof at all, decided to confront Lisa about leaking to the press. She did that on Lisa' birthday weekend and basically told her she believes she's a liar. That ended a friendship and Lisa still seems a bit hurt by that. After all, she swore on the life of her children that she never leaked the story. However, Kyle remained unmoved.

That led to last weeks' "RHOBH" episode at the Boy George concert, where it seemed Dorit and her husband PK felt it was not their fault Kyle got involved in their doggie problem.

Kyle did ten temper-tantrums over that, but it came out as though Dorit could still be Lisa's friend. However, in the latest episode, when LVP, PK, Ken, and Dorit sat down to talk it all over, another bust-up came along. In short, Dorit thinks Lisa's telling lies as well.

So - Lisa dropped her off her invitation list, saying, "It’s easier talking to Congress than talking to that stupid cow.”

The same-old gossip becomes an 'RHOBH' snooze-fest but Lisa delivers something for India Pride

Fans of "RHOBH" on Reddit noted that the monotony of crucifying Lisa over something she says she never did at least got broken by the snippet about her and Indian pride.

Totally underrated by Bravo, they could easily have done more on that story. One follower said the whole thing's turning into a "snooze-fest." Over on Twitter, some people spoke about Indian Pride as well, noting that while it was great for the coverage, it could have used a bit more of a boost. After all, for the LGBTQ fraternity in that country, their equality issues mean very much.

In fact, back in October LVP retweeted a message from Reggie Benjamin about her supporting the "West Bollywood" event. Reggie said he was "very proud that my good friends @lisavanderpump @lancebass are such big supporters of my charity, India." Reggie added that people should "applaud them for their support of our INDIA!" Well, Bravo did, but blink and you missed it.

Fans comment on India Pride, LVP, and the eternal backstabbing on 'RHOBH'

On Reddit, one follower suggested the only way to enliven the current season of "RHOBH" would be more snippets of Lisa against the backdrop of the gossiping cast. After all, she's at least doing something useful. On Twitter, others also noted the weary and tired direction of this season.

One user pushed the side of India Pride again, noting the gossiping and back-stabbing. You can see it below:

Other followers of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" picked up on that, and here's what they said about it:

  • @Jus**: "The mean girls gossip is small stuff. This is what is really important!"
  • @Mili**: "Exactly than to watch grown women fight over who's a better friend and who knows who for long, I've never seen such foolishness [amongst] grown women such a shame.@LisaVanderpump has done so much while they dress up and gossip.Well done Lvp."
  • @All**: "Yes!! I know it’s not a -serious- show but they glossed over that too quick-it’s not a show abt LVP events, ok, they could give it 2min to at least explain the significance? Could’ve had 2 min less of DK+KR debating who’s closer w LVP when neither r even on speaking terms."

What do you think about all this?

Do you think the show's becoming a snooze-fest with all the gossip and backstabbing over 'Puppy Gate?' Do you think Bravo could've shown a bit more about what LVP's doing for India Pride?

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