Beth Chapman, married to Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” spends every minute that she can, filming with him. The well-known couple‘s popularly known as kick-*ss bounty hunters. In the last season of their show, it was revealed that Beth had throat cancer, and while she was in remission for a while, the cancer came back. Epoch Times reported earlier this month, that while she never refused chemo, she’s refused other medications, rather looking to explore alternative options. Now, Beth took to her Instagram to share a beautiful floral gift from the film crew.

Unfortunately, with the Internet being as it is these days, a death hoax started doing the rounds about Chapman. While many readers were shocked and in mourning, it turns out Beth is still alive and even Snopes got on the case to confirm the story was a hoax, debunking the widespread news of her death.

Beautiful image posted to Instagram by Beth Chapman

According to a video shared by Beth on her Instagram account, Duane's out and about, “making America safe again.” KKTV 11 news also reported that Duane was spotted in Pueblo, Colorado with the camera crew. Beth’s determined to try and get in all the episodes of their upcoming series, “Dog’s Most Wanted.” Beth announced that the beautiful floral gift came from the boys at work.

Meanwhile, Page Six reports that the support of her fans, friends, and family are helping her to get by.

Days after the death hoax started doing the rounds on social media, Beth posted an image of a gorgeous floral tribute she had received. It was when she entered the kitchen to enjoy lunch with the cast and crew, prior to shooting that day that she found the surprise.

Chapman said to fans of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" that they had given her the “most beautiful flowers,” and added that she is grateful to everyone out there who knows about her struggle with cancer.

Beth said the beautiful flowers were “unexpected and very appreciated,” adding that it was a lovely way for her to start the day.

Support of friends and family for Beth of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

Beth says is she managing to say strong during her ongoing battle with cancer, due to the support of her friends, faith, and family. She told radio station Q105 that this is the toughest battle she has ever had to fight, but her faith in God, together with the love of her family, is helping her to get through.

Background to Beth’s struggle with cancer

Chapman announced back in September 2017 that she had received a diagnosis of stage II throat cancer. However, just a few months after that, the doctors told her she was cancer free. Regrettably, the remission didn’t last, as doctors found in November 2018 that cancer had come back.

She underwent emergency surgery and started chemotherapy.

It was while she was on vacation in Hawaii in April this year that Chapman had to be rushed to the hospital. At the time, she was suffering from breathing issues. Doctors sent her home to rest soon afterward. Beth will be opening up more about her battle with throat cancer on May 12, during two Mother’s Day services which will be held at The Source Church in Bradenton, Florida.

What do you think about the beautiful floral gift from the crew? Do you think Beth Chapman can beat this cancer? Are you one of many fans praying for her and Duane?

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