Fans may see Nell (Renee Felice Smith) and Eric (Barrett Foa) leaveNCIS” season 11, as the two may move to San Francisco. Nell has to look after her sick mother while Eric has a new job offer that seems to be irresistible. So, will they leave permanently or return to the show anytime?

In “NCIS” season 10 episode 23, Nell left a case after receiving a call about her mother being unresponsive. She then learned her mom had serious health problems and doctors had to intubate her due to an infection.

Eric, on the other hand, received an offer to work in San Francisco.

The job is reportedly lucrative, something he cannot resist.

Nell, Eric may move to San Francisco

The best coronary heart disease center is said to be in San Francisco, so Nell has to bring her mother to the city in California to recuperate. Hetty (Linda Hunt) already introduced NCIS Special Agent Jasmine Garcia (Alyssa Diaz) in the previous season finale to replace Nell while she was away.

However, Diaz is a series regular on “The Rookie,” so she may only stay for a short while to cover Nell’s work. Hence, Nell may return to “NCIS” season 11 anytime when Garcia has to leave. Eric also seems to hint his exit after talking to Hetty, thanking her for everything she has done for him.

If these two leave, how will the new season handle their exit?

How will Nell and Eric leave?

Nell and Eric may permanently leave the team in “NCIS” season 11. The two know how important their job in the group is, so they can’t just leave anytime they want and return whenever possible. So, they may decide to move to San Francisco – Eric will take the offer of a new job while Nell will take care of her mother, per Express UK.

Fatima (Medalion Rahimi), Fang (John Harlan Kim), and Jasmine (Alyssa Diaz) are there to operate the Ops Center, so Eric and Nell can leave. Although they may not be as good as the couple, at least they can do the job. On the other hand, Nell and Eric can take a leave of absence until they return to Los Angeles. Nell will go to San Francisco for her mother while Eric will be there for him.

Eric may work remotely and be seen on video calls while she accompanies Nell. It is also possible Nell will move to be with her mother while Eric will stay. According to TV Insider, Nell may only stay for a little while in San Francisco for her mom, while Eric may refuse the job offer and stay with the team. It is also possible Nell will split her time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She may work part-time with the group while someone stays to cover for her to help Eric when she is not around. Eric may also go back-and-forth to be with Nell and do his job.

The previous season cliffhanging finale may bear the answer to whether Eric and Nell may stay, leave, or return.

“NCIS: Los Angeles” season 11 will be out in the fall on CBS.