Tom Selleck will return to “Blue Bloods” season 10 to reprise his role as Frank Reagan. The 74-year-old star signed a one-year deal with CBS, making fans worried about his fate and the show’s future.

In an interview with Deadline, Selleck revealed CBS only offered him a one-year deal for the new season. The network only renewed the show for season 10, so his and the series’ future remain up in the air after that.

The reason behind the one-year deal offer

Selleck revealed CBS didn’t offer him a two-year deal, so he only signed for one season. "I signed up for a year because that’s what they were offering,” he explained.

However, he wished the network could make up long-term decisions, not just a one-year deal for its artists. The veteran actor even joked that he loves the series, but he didn’t want CBS to know so he could still negotiate.

Asked if he would ever think to leave the show, Selleck said he felt a “sense of duty” that he had to keep coming back. He even disclosed it was quite unlikely that the network could replace him with another random character, especially at the dinner table.

Everyone in the show is strategically connected. So, as long as his co-actors wanted to return, Selleck assured he would also come back.

A win-win situation with CBS and show’s future

Selleck continued to say he took his time before he signed on to appear on “Blue Bloods” season 10 because it “took that long” to have a deal with the new CBS executives.

However, he succeeded to have win-win situation during the negotiations, when he managed to convince the network to reveal the show’s renewal in a solo announcement.

With almost a decade on air, the “Magnum, P.I.” star believed the show already earned its right to be announced separately, rather than be included in a batch of other show renewals.

Talking about the show’s future, Selleck suggested the show could go beyond “Blue Bloods” season 10. In fact, he found it “limitless” as the characters continuously change over time.

"Here, the simple fact is it was great to know the heart of our show wanted to come back," he said. He even bragged that the series got the whole universe coming back and a cast of good and strong actors playing different roles.

Season 10 predictions

Meanwhile, the previous season ended with Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Eddie Janko’s (Vanessa Ray) wedding. Although there were a lot of complaints after viewers didn’t see the exchange of vows, fans wanted to see the new season to tackle other storylines.

Pop Culture noted a fan wanted to see more scenes of A.D.A. Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) in the new season, while another suggested the show should focus more on telling personal stories. The next installment might also introduce a new love interest for Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) after he got busy investigating Linda’s (Amy Carlson) death and tracking down her murderer.

CBS has yet to announce when "Blue Bloods" season 10 will be out, but it is expected for release later this year.