"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers confirm the return of Nelle Benson (interpreted by Chloe Lanier). After so long, the mysterious dark lady will be ready to sow terror in the city. According to the rumors reported by 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry,' Nelle will make a dangerous new friendship with a dark character. We are confident that this new alliance will cause problems and dramas to someone we know. In all likelihood, he will return to talk about Jonah and the terrible blackmail that Nelle put in place before going to prison. Are you ready to discover the latest exciting "General Hospital" spoilers?

'General Hospital': Nelle finds an accomplice in prison

In the next episodes of "General Hospital," they say that Nelle will meet a new prisoner during his stay in jail. Of course, this person is certainly not responsible and reliable. Between Nelle and this mysterious character, there will be an alliance of dark colors. The latest "GH" spoilers reveal that Nelle's new 'friend' will be as ruthless and selfish as she is. In all likelihood, the two of them will have a plan to get out of prison.

Recently, the news of Nelle Benson's return to Port Charles has been confirmed, and this could be a perfect idea. During her detention, Nelle never stopped thinking about future revenge to be put in place once she got out of prison.

The new prisoner she meets will be the perfect opportunity to make her dark ideas come true. In the could also reveal to this accomplice the truth about her child. The woman, after deceiving both Brad and Michael, has the only desire to reunite with Jonah himself.

Crazy Nelle ready to have Jonah back in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

"GH" other spoilers tease that Nelle and the new accomplice will plan the escape from prison. Nelle's desire is to find his son. We are sure that the two women will succeed and that Benson will return to Port Charles more aggressively than ever before.

As a result, Brad and Lucas will have to deal with her determination. It is not excluded that Nelle may have a tough confrontation with Shiloh, giving rise to another storyline that also involves Willow. Fans can't wait for In The Prison Escapes to return to Port Charles.

In this way, many new scenarios would open up, ready to excite the viewers. It remains to understand the role of Shiloh in all this complicated plot. Archer may as well blackmail Nelle to get to the truth, as she will escape from prison. Also, how will Brad react when he finds himself in front of the wicked woman? We're sure that a real earthquake will hit Port Charles.

We are looking forward to the next appetizing "General Hospital" spoilers to update you.