Sebastian Stan has played various levels of "Bucky Barnes" during the Captain America series, all bundled with making methodical appearances amid the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From kind-hearted "Bucky" to cold-blooded "Winter Soldier," Sebastian has owned his roles and place within Marvel's history. And although he's gearing up for a Disney+ series alongside Anthony Mackie called "Falcon & Winter Soldier," there's another character Stan hopes to one-day bring to life in his own way.

The villain you didn't expect, but the one you could totally imagine

According to ComicBook, Stan recently participated in an interview session while attending the Jus In Bello event in Rome, Italy. The source says the discussion was quite lengthy. Nevertheless, during the Q&A segment, Stan was asked if there was any specific character he hasn't gotten to portray but hopes to in the future. To this, unexpectedly, he brought up the Batman series. However, instead of being the hero Gotham needs, he'd rather be the villain the city deserves.

The ComicBook reports that Sebastian Stan is curious about playing the role of The Riddler. In the video interview below, Sebastian says he'd love to try the part on for size, adding that Riddler is an "interesting character." "I don't know how you'd play that one actually," Stan further elaborates, "that would be very hard to be honest, because you couldn't be like crazy crazy crazy.

You would have to be kind of much darker than that, but that's an interesting character."

However, after seeing how well Sebastian Stan handled the "Winter Soldier" role, he'd surely bring a darker side to Riddler, one definitely unseen before. According to ComicBook, in the "Gotham" series, Riddler is currently being portrayed by Cory Michael Smith.

And as you know, from the past "Batman Forever" movie, Jim Carrey brought his particular brand of humor, effectively mixing with the eccentric mastermind character. Then, of course, there's the original, 1966 version who was played by Frank Gorshin. However, that was an Adam West era. Things are quite different now.

But until that happens, 'Winter Soldier' is teaming up with 'Falcon'

CBR reports that Sebastian Stan, in the same interview, stated that it's time for his Marvel character to show the fans something outside the environment of his prior appearances. According to the actor, the superhero could "do all kinds of things" during this series, including going on dates. "I don't know. Scary world out there, you know?" Sebastian continues. While mentioning he doesn't know if he could picture his character with an "iPhone," he really doesn't quite yet know what 'Bucky'/'Winter Soldier' will do in the series.