Laine Hardy was crowned the winner of "American Idol" 2019 Sunday night. As he stood there with Alejandro waiting for the announcement, both of them looked stressed. However, was it touching to see Laine and Alejandro hug when Laine's name was called. Actually, Laine really looked relieved more than anything else, as if he expected Alejandro's name to get called out. Well, it's done, America spoke, and Laine is the new Idol. Then, he went quiet on social media, but now he broke that silence on his Instagram stories.

'American Idol' seems unreal to Laine, who still looks a bit shocked

It's obvious that the rest of Laine's night was a hectic one. Probably he had the media wanting to talk to him, his family wanting to talk to him, everyone in the world congratulating him. It's surprising he found the time to retweet the judges' comments. Now, he broke his social media silence without music, without spoken words, because quite frankly, it looks like Laine's just run out of words for now.

In fact, Laine Hardy still looks shocked that he is, in fact, the "American Idol." Recall his first words after he Ryan Seacrest asked him what he was feeling? He said, "I am so grateful!" That's humble and very much the Laine everyone knows and loves.

Now, hours later, the whole thing almost seems inexplicable to him.

On Instagram Stories, Laine breaks social media silence on 'American Idol' win

For Laine Hardy, it looks like still, the whole thing has not settled in his head. In fact, he comes across with his message as expressing that it's all very surreal. Bear in mind, it took courage to go back this year after his disappointment last year.

He went through a lot of tense moments and high nerves. Just like the others, the stress must be tremendous. Now, the stress is over, and he looks a bit shattered.

On his Instagram Stories, Laine looks to be sitting on a plane and going somewhere. The makeup and glitter are gone, and he's just looking into the camera. Taking deep breaths, he captioned it with, "Omg y'all so much going through my mind right now.

Thank you so much for everything." Next, he just picks up the leaflet that says."Meet Laine Hardy, your new American Idol." He captioned that with, "Is This Real Life." Finally, he turned it over and he was looking at where it says "Be sure to listen to his debut single, "FLAME." Later he followed up showing him in New York already.

It's a brand new ride now Laine Hardy, enjoy

For Laine, over the next few days and weeks, the reality of what happened when he got crowned the "American Idol" will set in. For now, his fans just rejoice that all his hard work paid off for him. One thing though, fans know that Laine knows his fans took him there, (along with his talent, obviously), and he's not likely to forget them.

He never said much when he broke his social media silence. But, knowing Laine Hardy, soon he'll bounce back and ask his fans their opinion on something going on in his life. Congratulations to Laine Hardy on his "American Idol" win.