Ridge and Brooke's marriage has withstood a lot of opposition on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Bridge has weathered every storm, until now.

Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soaps She Knows indicate that Ridge and Brooke will be on opposing sides when Hope and Liam decide to divorce. The fallout will be so great that this couple may also split. Brooke wants Lope to work out because she knows Taylor wants Hope with Thomas so Liam will go back to Steffy. When Ridge begins siding with the opposition, it will cause a rift that may not be repaired.

The Forresters get their way on 'B&B'

When Thomas returned to L.A. after Caroline died, his mother told his father that Douglas needed Hope as a mother and she needed a child to replace Beth. Ridge was shocked and told Taylor to stay out of their son's love life. He mentioned this to Brooke, but she said that Taylor was nuts and Liam and Hope were solid. Over time, Thomas began thinking like his mother and began manipulating Hope. Liam found out and confronted him, but it looks like the damage has been done. Lope is getting divorced.

Brooke believes Taylor is jealous because Liam chose Hope over Steffy. She was angry when she found out that both Taylor and Thomas want her daughter's marriage to fail.

When the divorce happens, Brooke will take it personally and feel as if Taylor has won.

Ridge will side with his children and it will cause tension with his wife and probably leads to a Bridge divorce. "The Bold and the Beautiful" never allows couples to enjoy wedded bliss for very long.

Two 'B&B' marriages destroyed

The bottom line to all the marital turmoil is related to one issue: the baby switch.

Had Dr. Buckingham not stolen Hope's newborn, Hope and Liam would be raising Beth. Instead, Thomas and his mother agree that Hope should be raising Douglas.

If "B&B" spoilers are correct, Ms. Logan-Spencer is going to come to the same conclusion. Hope has also divorced Liam.

When Liam cannot change her mind, he will have no choice but to agree to end the marriage.

Brooke will be in anguish over the end of Lope, and her husband's attitude will be the icing on the cake.

Ridge will be looking at the situation from all sides, but his wife will only see that he agrees with Thomas and Taylor. She will feel betrayed and this will put a strain on her relationship with her husband. It's only natural that Ridge would be looking out for his son and daughter but his wife wants him to side with her. "The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM ET.