Legends of Tomorrow” season four finale will have plenty of surprises and has fans wondering what changes are in store for next season. The last episode found Constantine on a mission to retrieve Ray's soul but when he gets an offer to save Astra instead, he chooses to save her. Only one catch: Astra isn't how he remembered. The episode also saw Gary making a few wishes thanks to the fairy godmother whose returned came with the shocking revelation that she's actually Tabitha, Neron's love he's been trying to bring back. His wishes were a variety of different 'tortures' from book club to a temporary stint as the captain of the Waverider to forcing Sara and Ava to tap dance, making Nate experience awkward teen years, and having Mick deal with being a baby.

Nate and Zari have continued taking little steps forward in their relationship while also taking care of a dragon egg which Zari recently lost and was last seen in the care of her younger self. Caity Lotz teases to TV Line that the dragon egg will be coming into play in the finale. Charlie freed all the magical fugitives and managed to free Mona right before getting caught by Neron.

Season 4 finale details

Nora's attempts to save Mona came at the price of her taking Tabitha's place as the fairy godmother and she ended up wished away to hell so she can help John Constantine save Ray. The press release teases Nora and Constantine working together and discovering the evil plan Neron has in the works.

Elsewhere, Nate comes up with a plan to unite magical creatures and people in order to save the world. The teaser photos reveal it's finally the moment first teased in the midseason finale trailer with Nate, Sara, and Gary dressed as Green Arrow, Supergirl, and the Flash, respectively. The photos also reveal the Legends gathered together planning and a spoiler shot of Constantine reunited with Mick.

The promo teases the completion of the magical amusement park that Nate's dad was working on before he died which was based on a dream and drawings Nate made up as a kid. The sneak peek shows Nate pitching the idea of the amusement park to the other Legends (sans Ray, Constantine, and Nora) where people can come to see magical creatures.

Sara backed the idea by saying how this gives the opportunity for the creatures to be seen the way Charlie helped them see the creatures. The episode is called “Hey, World!” and airs May 20.

Uniting magical creatures and people

During May Sweeps, showrunner Phil Klemmer teased a change for the Waverider for season five which fans know “Legends of Tomorrow” is no stranger to changing up the cast with only Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, and Dominic Purcell remaining from season one. To EW, Klemmer shares that as 2019 becomes more afraid of magical creatures, the Legends may do the most selfless thing they've done in all four seasons and hints that right now what needs to be resolved is what place these creatures have in the world.

The season finale brings the Legends back to the present which is a place they don't typically venture to with their season-ending battles keeping them elsewhere in history while the other Arrowverse heroes take care of the present.

With the Legends announcing themselves to the world, Klemmer teases to EW they will have to decide how to present themselves which will have them questioning about if they use their superhero names and what they wear. The showrunner describes it as an existential crisis for them. The Legends will face some insecurity compared to what Sara has dubbed franchise heroes such as Supergirl and the Flash, considering they're not superheroes but people Rip Hunter chose who made no mark on history.

Klemmer teases a big Beebo moment coming in the finale which simply means the big moment where the Legends reach out to society after failing to reach them by trying to be the franchise heroes. The showrunner also hints at some music being involved which leaves fans wondering if this means another musical number. Klemmer also adds the finale will tie in threads from Zari's future which has been established as a dystopian world, one Zari has spent the last two seasons coming to terms with and wondering if it can be prevented.