Eric Braden and his "Y&R" colleague Doug Davidson have both given interviews about recent changes on the show. Davidson is grateful for all the support he received after his character Paul Williams was let go last year and thankful to be working once again. Braden came out publicly saying he disagreed with what Mal Young was doing to Genoa City. Young was fired and now the veteran actor says he is elated that the daytime drama is making positive changes. He added that things are and headed in the right direction, and is happy that Doug Davidson is working with him again.

The man who plays Victor Newman also said he gives credit to the writing team of Josh Griffith and Tony Morina.

Doug Davidson humbled by fan support

Soap Opera Spy reveals that Doug Davidson says he is truly humbled by the support the "Y&R" fans have for him as an actor and his character Paul Williams. The soap veteran says he was only off the air for four months but it seemed like an entire year since he was onscreen. This is because there is about a six week time lapse between filming scenes and when they actually air. Many reached out on social media to express their outrage that former head writer Mal Young fired the 40-year daytime veteran.

Doug Davidson said he became emotional when numerous fans said that his return to "The Young and the Restless" was an answer to their prayers.

The actor says he was stunned to be let go so abruptly but is very grateful to once again be a part of Genoa City life. He is also thankful to his castmates who stood by him, most notably Eric Braden, who was very vocal on social media about his anger that his colleague and good friend was treated so badly. Now the duo is back together again.

Eric Braden dishes new 'Y&R' direction

Soaps She Knows says Eric Braeden is expressing his joy at the new direction "The Young and the Restless" writers are taking. The man who has portrayed actor Newman for close to four decades says that an atmosphere on set is a place he wants to work once again and he is also excited to have Doug Davidson working with him once more.

Braeden gives credit to the head writing team of Tony Morino and Josh Griffith for making things positive. Obviously alluding to former head writer Mal Young, Braden said that you can't come in and change things around to the point that numerous people are complaining.

Eric Braeden says that there is a family atmosphere on the "Y&R" set and things are going in the right direction. He also shared that he does not like the volatile relationship between Victor and Nick because he and Josh Morrow get along in real life and Josh reminds him of his own son Christian. Be on the lookout for spoilers alerts and continue watching the action in Genoa City weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.