Now that Adam Newman has been recast on "The Young and the Restless" the storyline is becoming predictable. The hype is over and the usual manipulations, lies betrayal and heartbreak are being anticipated. Paul has returned as police chief but is not being utilized anymore than he was before. He, basically, still shows up to question and/or arrest suspects. Adam being shot and Nick at odds with Victor are par for the course. Loyal fans need a few surprising twists and turns in Genoa City in order to keep the momentum going. Thus far rumors and spoiler alerts are teasing more of the same patterns that viewers can plot before they happen.

Genoa City is predictable

"Y&R" viewers had been anticipating an Adam return for two and one-half years. Since his return, it seems that he will be the same manipulative individual he was prior to the explosion. He was shot on Friday and spoilers say his memory will return. If he stays true to form, he will not let anyone know and continue to pretend to have amnesia. Victor and Nick continue to squabble regarding Christians paternity, while Niki is troubled her husband kept a major secret from her. Monday previews show Nick asking Billy if he shot his brother while viewers consider that Chloe or Kevin could be the unknown assailant.

Genoa City needs something totally out of left field to keep the viewers interested because almost everything taking place is pretty much predictable.

Victoria holding back with Billy and Kyle going back and forth with Lola and Summer are getting old. Chelsea will return with mixed emotions regarding Nick and Adam, and Christian will probably be allowed to stay in the home where he is being raised. So much energy went into Victor finding his son that now that he is back, things seem kind of boring.

'Y&R' may have a shocker coming to Genoa City

It's possible that head writer Josh Griffith may have a shocker or two coming to Genoa City but right now the dust is settling. Perhaps when all the key players are in place the action may heat up. Mia and Arturo are leaving to raise their baby, while Abby and Dr. Hastings really don't have chemistry.

Spoilers have teased that when Michelle Stafford steps back into the role of Phyllis, she will bring some spark to "Y&R."

Loyal viewers should be patient because this could be the calm before the storm as Genoa City shifts. Mia and Rey's mother is coming to town and might be a love interest for Jack, which will no doubt infuriate Phyllis. Spoilers have also suggested that Laureen and Mr. Abbott could become more than friends, which would send Michael on the warpath. Stay tuned to " The Young and the Restless" and find out which plots you have predicted and be surprised by what you did not see coming.