"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal that Nina will find out the truth about Sasha. Finally, the storyline that keeps soap opera fans in suspense is about to move in an unexpected direction. Valentin's plan will, in fact, have its epilogue in the next episodes of "GH." How will things change between Nina and Valentin? According to the rumors by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we can tell you that Nina will be upset after discovering the secret of Valentin. The woman will have an emotional breakdown and could react in the worst possible way.

'General Hospital': Nina devastated by Valentin's revelation

"General Hospital" spoilers tell that in the next episodes of the soap opera aired on ABC, Nina will have a hard blow. As we know, Michelle Stafford will leave the cast of "GH," but not before she has been the protagonist of a twist. Well, this will happen very soon. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Sasha and Nina will meet for a dinner, during which the much-feared secret will surface. Nina was convinced she had a daughter, but her joy will be replaced by anger and despair. It will be Valentin who ruins everything, tired of lying about Sasha.

During the family dinner, Nina learns that Sasha is not really her daughter. Meanwhile, Shiloh will continue to spread terror in Port Charles.

In particular, Archer will turn the Nurses Ball 2019 into a hell, putting Sam in serious danger. Kristina's sister has tricked the head of the DoD sect and agreed to undergo the initiation ceremony to dispel suspicions about her. The situation will become really dangerous and the only one who can save Sam will be Jason if he manages to get there in time.

Shiloh will amaze everyone in the next episodes

It's nothing new that Shiloh always manages to manipulate his DoD adepts. Archer, pretending to be good and loving, tricks people into giving him everything he wants. It seems that there is no chance of redemption for this character. However, that could change. Coby Ryan McLaughlin, the actor who lends his face to Shiloh, stated during an interview with Fairman that "Nothing is carved in stone." With these words, we can expect Shiloh to pay for his misdeeds.

McLaughlin then went on to say that Shiloh's character is very complex and a victim of his difficult past. In short, it seems that Archer's behavior is not only dictated by a desire for revenge. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that there could be a twist to Shiloh's character as well. Archer could end up in prison, or be the victim of blackmail. Finally, we can't rule out that the story of the DoD leader could end with a dramatic outcome. We'll see.