"American Idol" 2019 brings us a treat with Mother's Day as each contestant sing three numbers. Two of them celebrate Mother's Day and the other one's themed to Elton John. The mentor for the Elton John segment is Bobby Bones. Earlier this week I suggested that Laine Hardy seems the most popular across social media, and now it looks like that popularity increased after Jeremiah Harmon's elimination. Gold Derby polls have Laine closing the gap on Alejandro for the win.

Mother's Day segment on 'American Idol' could see the remaining women out unless Madison tips the voters

Gold Derby polls usually start out quite feeble mid-week, but on the day of the show, they become more realistic. Although not always accurate, they probably are the most reliable polls around. This week, they show that Madison Vandenburg and Laci Kaye Booth possibly get their tickets home. On their site, they show Laci holding just six percent of the current vote. Meanwhile, Madison's at nine percent. Finally, Wade Cota comes in at third with 15 percent.

Way back in Season 17, Gold Derby predicted that the final three could be an all-male lineup. However, back then, they thought Jeremiah Harmon would take the third spot rather than Wade Cota.

However, Jeremiah went home after the judges used their 'save vote' for Laci Booth, provoking rage on Twitter from followers of "American Idol." But for Laine Hardy, it could also be the reason he closes the gap on Alejandro this week.

Jeremiah Harmon voters could help close the gap for Laine Hardy to win over Alejandro

Gold Derby day-of-the-show figures this season always showed Alejandro Aranda leading at around 40 percent of the vote.

Laine trailed in the 20s, but not this weekend. There are still around 14 hours until the Mother's Day episode of "American Idol," but at the moment, Aranda holds 39 percent of the vote. Meanwhile, Laine's crept up to 31 percent, a significant advancement.

According to Paul Sheehan, this could be because many voters who previously wanted to see Jeremiah Harmon in the Top 3 may have switched their vote for Laine.

Wade Cota's not really likely to tip anything either way. Judging by comments across social media, people either love his performance or hate it. It's unlikely that those people who faithfully opt for Alejandro will change their minds either. That means it's very likely that Sheehan's correct in his theory.

What do you think about Laine Hardy closing the gap for the win yet again on Alejandro? This narrowing could very well be due to Jeremiah Harmon's premature departure from the show. Do you think Madison Vandenburg may cause an upset for Gold Derby's prediction for an all-male Top Three?

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