"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers, for the week of May 6-10, ensure a lot of new developments. Oscar Nero's death, in previous episodes, has left everyone devastated by the pain. Josslyn's father will arrive in Port Charles to try to console his daughter, devastated by the loss of Oscar. Meanwhile, Brad will be more and more obsessed with DoD and will be on his way to completely lose his head.

Sonny, on the other hand, will discover an unexpected background concerning Kristina. Most likely, it's something that ties Kriss to the evil Shiloh Archer.

Other weekly spoilers suggest that Willow will make a revelation that will completely change the scenario, what will he say of so decisive?

Unexpected background on Kristina and Shiloh

"General Hospital" spoilers focus primarily on Ryan's research. Thanks to a major discovery by Curtis, it seems that Ryan's hideout will soon be discovered. In the meantime, Lucy will strive to win Kevin's heart. Lucy had promised herself to give up Dr. Kevin's love, but the heart is not in control. However, it seems that the woman will not be able to achieve her loving goal. Two more characters will try to reconnect, despite past problems. We're talking about Peter and Maxie. Peter will have to face his fears and focus on the future if he doesn't want to lose the woman he loves.

Meanwhile, other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Sonny will be left speechless after discovering a disconcerting truth about Kristina. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Kristina could hide an unexpected background that binds her to Shiloh Archer. It is not excluded that this revelation may also concern Willow Tait, who has secrets in his past to sell.

Willow's unexpected revelation

Fans have witnessed the tragic death of Oscar, which occurred episodes last week. This sad event will not be without consequences and will give way to open new scenarios in the soap opera. The new "General Hospital" spoilers say that Jasper will arrive in Port Charles to give his comfort to the desperate Josslyn.

Jax will try in every way to be present for his daughter, although he is aware that the pain of the loss of Oscar is annihilating her. Sam, on the other hand, will understand that he's gotten into a big mess, allying himself with Jason and playing a double game with Shiloh. Sam wants to help Kristina, but he's in real danger. Brad will be in the same situation as Kriss. In fact, he too will be manipulated, psychologically, by members of the DoD sect and will no longer have control of himself. Lucas will be very worried about Brad's situation. Moreover, Willow will make a revelation that will move the plots of the soap opera quite a bit. Fans are in trepidation, what will happen? We look forward to the next "General Hospital"´spoilers, stay tuned.