Steffy Forrester has been working in Paris because of her portrayer, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, being on maternity leave. "The Bold and the Beautiful" actress is slated to return to the show on May 23, and her character will see that a lot has happened in L.A. while she was gone. Her brother, Thomas, is scheming to break up Liam and Hope and may even enlist his sibling's help, be it willfully or unwittingly. She wants to tell her cousin Hope the truth that Phoebe is really Beth, but Shauna and Zoe are forbidding her to say anything. Soon, all of this will blow up and Steffy will wish she was back in France.

Steffy comes home

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has devised two love triangles out of one situation. Thomas has a plan, where the end result will be for him and his sister to end up with the people they love. He sent Liam to Paris on the Forrester jet and has been telling Hope that her husband belongs with his ex and her girls. On Friday (May 3), Thomas kissed Hope and told her that Liam belongs with his sibling and her daughters. When Steffy returns to L.A., she may be shocked at how conniving her brother has become. There is also a chance that she may agree to partner with him so that she gets Liam and Thomas ends up with Hope.

Hope loves her husband but is developing feelings for Thomas. Liam loves his wife but has not yet entirely gotten over Steffy.

Thomas knows this and is using it to his advantage. When Jacqueline MacInnes Wood returns to her role, she will find herself and her daughters in the middle of this confusing maze. Soaps She Knows reports that Woods will be back in action on May 23, so viewers should get ready for some mayhem and big fireworks.

'B&B' baby switch will devastate Steffy

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Steffy must make life-changing decisions when she returns from Paris. One of them will be related to the role of Liam in her life. The other will be in regard to the revelation that her adopted daughter, Phoebe, is really Hope and Liam's child, Beth. Anika Noelle, who portrays Hope, said that "B&B" teased that the baby switch storyline could go on for years.

This would be devastating for all concerned. There are also plans for a baby switch reveal.

I hope Brad Bell will put everyone out of their misery soon, so they can go on with their lives. Flo is feeling guilty and does not seem as if she can keep this secret much longer. Perhaps once Steffy is back home, she will give in and reveal all. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has been missed and her fans will be pleased to know she will be returning this month.