"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal that Shiloh Archer has a dark secret that no one knows. What does the head of the DoD sect hide? Archer had already lied in the past saying he had brain cancer. This lie can certainly no longer be used to pity him. However, the actor playing Shiloh gave an interesting interview in which he revealed that his character hides an unexpected background that will surprise fans. What is this about? It's probably a CD that Drew delivered to Tait. In it, there could be a resounding confession by Shiloh about the crimes committed at the DoD against the young girls who fall into his trap.

Drew, however, still has no access to the memories of the past, but very soon his incapacitating condition will change. When Drew recovers his memory, Shiloh will have serious problems.

Drew knows the secret of Shiloh

In the next episodes of "General Hospital," aired on ABC, Drew will be the protagonist again. His storyline is linked to that of Shiloh. Archer absolutely doesn't want Drew to reveal anything burning about him. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Drew might be able to stop Shiloh's madness, as he possesses hot information. Without a doubt, the head of the DoD will do anything to ensure that this secret remains buried forever or will be trouble.

Drew is unable to remember anything, which at the moment calms Shiloh.

However, the situation is bound to change, taking an unexpected turn. In previous episodes of "General Hospital," Dr. Neil had received a very important CD from Drew. She was very happy with the gift that, on the other hand, concealed a secret. That CD may contain secret code information about Shiloh.

CD could trap Shiloh

"General Hospital" spoilers say that the CD in the doctor's possession may contain an encrypted message.

In particular, a song about water might have an interesting connection with Shiloh and his dark secrets. It's not excluded that Kim might get her hands on this important rehearsal. In addition, Drew could also recover his memory and remember what that mysterious song means.

At least for now, Shiloh is quiet, as he believes that Drew has no access to his past memories.

The CD might contain the evidence that fragments Archer, or the confession of his multiple horrible crimes committed at the DoD against the young girls who fall into his sect. The latest tantalizing "General Hospital" spoilers ensure that Shiloh's secret will soon come to light, even if it's not known for sure how. Will Jason unmask Archer? We'll know in the next episodes of the soap opera on air on ABC.