"The Bold and the Beautiful" executive producer, Brad Bell, is not heeding the voice of the viewing audience. Loyal fans of the CBS daytime drama want the baby switch to be revealed immediately. Bell says it will be a while because secrets that are kept the longest are the best when they come out. He also confirmed that Lope will divorce, Flo will grow closer to her cousin, and Hope will spend more time with Thomas and Douglas. This indicates that Shauna, her daughter, and Zoe will continue to lie even as they all depend on Ms. Logan in one way or another.

Thomas will continue to scheme and deceive the woman he loves.

Hope has no idea she is being deceived in 'B&B'

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has allowed the web of lies around Hope to continue to grow and she is oblivious to it all. First, Dr. Buckingham switches her baby Beth with a dead child, then sells her to Taylor for Steffy to raise. He enlists Flo to say she is the birth mother and sign fake adoption papers. Later, Zoe forces the truth out of Flo and when Shauna comes to LA she is let in on the secret. To add insult to injury, Shauna's daughter finds out that Storm Logan was her father which means she is a Logan. Zoe is a trusted Forrester employee who models for Hope for the Future. The three women made a pact to keep the baby swap between them.

The longer "The Bold and the Beautiful" allows this storyline to continue, the stronger Phoebe's bond will be with Steffy. The situation will also be more devastating for all concerned as time goes by. Hope is thrilled to have a new cousin whom she believes provided a baby girl for Steffy. Shauna and her daughter both have also been welcomed into the Forrester home with open arms.

Flo and Zoe are working for the family business at Hope for the Future. Hope has no idea that these women she trusts are deceiving her in the worst way possible, and it will blow up in their faces once the truth is revealed.

Thomas will gain points because of the baby swap

Because Brad Bell does not want to reveal the "B&B" baby swap right away, Hope and Liam will divorce, which will help Thomas to further his devious plan.

Sally knows that he colored pictures with crayons and told Ms. Logan that his son made them for her. He sent Liam to Paris in the Forrester jet so he could have time alone with the woman he loves. On Monday young Mr. Forrester went even further in deceiving Hope. He opened a box in front of her that was filled with Caroline's possessions and took out a letter and read it.

The letter was supposedly from Caroline and it said that she wanted Hope to raise her son Douglas in the event of her death. The truth is that Thomas himself wrote the correspondence believing he would seal the deal and Liam's wife would belong to him. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:20 PM EST. Things are about to become worse for Lope before there is even a glimmer that they will get better.