"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say that the Nurses Ball 2019 could turn into tragedy. According to news of Celebrity Dirty Laundry, in fact, we know that someone will enter the party at the end of the year armed with a gun. The two potential victims are Shiloh Archer and Ryan Chamberlain. Ryan will return to Port Charles at the Nurses Ball, ready to complete his revenge. Laura and Ava will have to keep their eyes open. Sam, on the other hand, will be in danger as Shiloh discovers that she and Jason have made Kristina move away from the DoD sect.

Archer will then be furious and Sam will be in trouble; will Jason arrive just in time to save her?

Gunshots at Nurses Ball

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Ryan will finally be back in town. Meanwhile, Jordan struggles between life and death, waiting for a compatible donor to be found for the kidney transplant. As we have seen in previous episodes of "GH," the only possible donor is Ryan's twin brother who, however, cannot undergo surgery because of a diabetes-related health problem. So, Ryan Chamberlain would be the ideal person to donate his kidney to Jordan, having the same genetic combination as his brother.

A suggestive hypothesis is that Ryan sees him donating his kidney to unfortunate Jordan.

This would happen after Chamberlain's death, who could be killed during the Nurses Ball festivities. In the meantime, Sam will have the opportunity to confront Shiloh Archer. The dark girl has tried in every way to protect Kristina, endangering her own life. "General Hospital's" most recent spoilers tell that there will be a tough confrontation between Sam and the head of the DoD.

Jason could hurt Shiloh in a desperate attempt to save Sam.

Josslyn receives a surprise from Oscar

The Nurses Ball 2019 will be an event full of emotions. Joss hoped to sing a song with Oscar Nero, thus fulfilling the last wish of his boyfriend. Unfortunately, Oscar died, leaving Josslyn in despair. However, Joss will receive a mysterious letter from his boyfriend, in which he will probably find the lyrics to their song or, alternatively, a video recorded by Oscar.

It will be a very moving moment for fans of the soap opera.

Then, you'll find out the truth about Willow and his baby. The storyline will be turned around by Lucas, who will be in possession of determined information about it. As a result, Bill will remain petrified, aware that his castle of lies is about to collapse like a castle of cards. In short, we can't miss the next episodes. Further details will emerge with the next "General Hospital" spoilers.