"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal that the Nurses Ball will turn into a horror theater. Someone will sneak into the party armed with a gun and commit a crime. In all likelihood, Ryan could be the intended victim. If Chamberlain dies, it can't be ruled out that his kidney will be used to save Jordan's life. However, Shiloh also has good reason to take revenge. If he finds out that Sam and Jason have tricked him, he could commit a massacre. Other "GH" spoilers also say that Josslyn, after Oscar's death, will approach Cameron. A special bond will be born between the two, which has all the cards in place to turn into a love affair.

Josslyn and Cameron are about to fall in love

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Cameron will always be close to Joss after the loss of Oscar. For his part, Josslyn will start to feel something for the boy. However, she won't be able to let herself go completely, as she feels guilty about Oscar's death. Joss' parents will give her valuable support in overcoming her grief, reminding her of how strong she was when her brother lost his life.

As time goes by, Joss will find his smile next to his friends, especially Cameron. The teenager will understand that she feels something deep for him that goes beyond just friendship. Fans of the soap opera are thrilled, already imagining a love story between Josslyn and Cameron.

Surely, Oscar would be happy about it. "General Hospital" spoilers tease that all this will happen, though not immediately. First, Joss will have to completely overcome the grief and be so ready for a new romantic love.

Gunshots at Nurses Ball

Emotions not to end in the next episodes of "GH." The Nurses Ball, the annual event held at the General Hospital, will turn into a real nightmare.

As we told you before, Ryan will present himself at the party, upsetting those present. Someone will sneak into the party with a gun and certainly not with peaceful intentions. One possible victim will be Ryan himself, who has many enemies scattered around Port Charles.

At the same time, however, it could be Chamberlain himself who commits a murder.

An interesting hypothesis is that it connects Ryan's storyline with Jordan's one. If Chamberlain dies, he could become a perfect donor for the kidney transplant that will save Jordan. However, Shiloh is also in danger. Sam is about to be discovered and, to defend herself, could shoot Archer. What about Jason instead? The third suspect is him. Jason must protect Sam, even at the cost of killing Shiloh. What is certain is that the Nurses Ball will turn into a shooting. Curious to know all the details? Don't miss the next "General Hospital" spoilers.