"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that the Nurses Ball is approaching. The party will be an opportunity to discuss several important storylines. Shiloh will be there and will probably meet Kristina. There will be a confrontation between the two that will lead to unexpected conclusions. Also, Willow's secret may come to light. Josslyn will have to deal with her grief over the loss of Oscar, but the boy will have her find a letter that will warm her heart. Sam, on the other hand, will be in danger, as Shiloh has realized that she has betrayed him by allying herself with Jason.

Finally, we will see the return of Ryan, who will terrorize Laura, Curtis, and Ava. In short, one twist after another, as assured by the latest exciting "GH" spoilers.

'General Hospital': a dangerous party

In the next episodes of "General Hospital" there will be the expected Nurses Ball, which will not be devoid of unmissable events. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Sam will attend the party. The girl will meet Shiloh who probably sensed that she is hiding something extremely important from him. Sam will be in danger, but Jason is ready to save her at the last minute.

Complicating the situation will be the unexpected arrival of Kristina, who plans to talk to Archer about the DoD sect.

Meanwhile, Lucas will have all the clues to get to the truth. Lucas will discover Willow's secret. Specifically, he will understand that Wiley is Willow's daughter, although he doesn't know that the real Wiley has unfortunately lost her life. Brad won't admit that he deceived Willow and Lucas will be furious. A violent fight will break out between the two, as the last "General Hospital" spoilers told us.

It cannot be ruled out that the plan's wrought by Valentin and Sasha will finally be discovered.

Valentin and Sasha could be unmasked in the next episodes

The Nurses Ball will be the perfect opportunity to unmask various deceptions. Nina and Willow are not on good terms. Nina does not accept the bond that has been established between Willow and Harrison and will do anything to obstruct them.

As a result, when it is discovered that Nina is Willow's true mother, their relationship will become even more difficult. Another twist is Ryan's return.

According to the rumors by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it seems that Ryan comes back to us by surprise during the Nurses Ball, creating quite a stir. Let's not forget that the man has no good intentions and that he will return to Port Charles to complete his revenge. Ava, Curtis, and Laura will have to be very careful after Ryan's return. Ava, without a doubt, will design a plan to take out Chamberlain, despite being aware of the danger she herself will face. What will happen? We will find out with future "General Hospital" spoilers.