"General Hospital" fans have been wondering who spoiler alerts were referring to when they teased a proposal was coming up. Viewers will be stunned to find out it's not one of their favorite younger couples. Sonny's dad is in possession of the ring that Robert was holding for Dr. Finn. He will use it to offer marriage to his best gal Yvonne. Because they both have Alzheimer's disease, they forget that she is already married to Marcus. Mike will use the diamond to pop the question but eventually, someone will figure out the truth. In the meantime, Robert and Mac are trying to find a replacement so this could get pretty messy.

Mike has two precious jewels

On "General Hospital" Mike and Yvonne have been growing closer ever since they both ended up in an Alzheimer's facility. When her husband accused Sonny's ad of making moves on her, Yvonne told Marcus she did not know who he was. Over time Sonny and Stella have helped Yvonne's spouse come to some understanding of the disease that is robbing him of his wife. They all agree that Mike and his lady love can be a comfort to each other as the illness progresses and robs them of long term memories. The couple has not been showcased in Port Charles recent months but Mike was recently seen eating with Sonny and Michael.

Mr. Corbin is now in possession of two precious jewels.

He has Dr. Finn's engagement ring as well as a woman to be with him during this difficult time. Alzheimer's is no laughing matter but kudos to "General Hospital" for dealing with this deadly disease, and adding a little humor along the way. Robert and Mac will no doubt be frantic trying to replace the ring that was supposed to go on Anna's finger.

After Felicia talks to Ms. Devane, she will misunderstand and believe that Robert is the one who wants to propose. She will later let him down easy, saying she is not interested in marriage. This will give her ex-spouse hope that she may turn the good doctor down.

Mike and Yvonne's 'GH' future

When Mike Corbin pops the question, Yvonne will most likely say yes.

Eventually, however, the ring will be discovered."General Hospital" fans will enjoy seeing Max Gail and Janet Huber onscreen again. If these actors seem familiar to you it is because both were on hit television shows. Hubert portrayed Will Smith's aunt Viv in the early years of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Gail was detective Stan Wojciehowicz on "Barney Miller."

Eventually, Mike and Yvonne will succumb to Alzheimer's disease so their future on "General Hospital" will not be very long. Fans of this adorable couple can enjoy them during the engagement ring storyline an hope to see more of them until their characters are no longer around. Continue watching the drama in Port Charles each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.