"General Hospital" (GH) Spoilers talk about the difficult and dangerous situation of Kristina. The girl was rescued by Jason shortly before being sacrificed to the DoD. Shiloh got angry and wasted no time looking for Kriss. Sam is meanwhile double-crossing the sect, trying to win Archer's trust. In the next episodes of "General Hospital" there will be the Nurses Ball, where everything will happen. Most likely, Shiloh and Kristina will come face to face and Sam's sister may decide to return to the sect. Despite Dr. Neil's warnings, Kriss feels lost without Dod's support.

Precisely for this reason, she intends to take a step back and join the followers of the sect again.

'General Hospital': Kristina feels lost and Shiloh takes advantage of it

The spoilers of the "General Hospital" reveal that Kristina is looking forward to a very difficult time. Kriss had arrived at the DoD at a time of despair and had found in Shiloh a lifeline. The community house was a happy place for her to solve all her problems. On the day of the initiation ceremony, Jason kidnapped her, preventing Shiloh from abusing her and making her completely reliant on them. Kriss thanked Jason and Sonny, but her mind is not yet free.

She still believes that the DoD is the solution to all problems, the happy island to which she can take refuge.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Shiloh will go to the Nurses Ball and that, in all likelihood, he will finally meet Kristina. Archer will want some explanations and we can't exclude that with his skillful manipulative arts he can convince her to return to the sect.

However, it seems that Kriss will not be intimidated by Shiloh.

How will she manage to put the pieces of her life back together? The girl intends to stop worrying about her family, but without the support of the DoD, she will feel no way out.

A new love for Kristina in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

Other "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Kristina will slowly manage to put the pieces of her life back together.

Nevertheless, Shiloh's nightmare will always be there. In Kriss' life, a new love may come. After her relationship with Parker ended, Kriss no longer trusted love, one of the reasons the girl found comfort in the DoD. Some rumors would see Kriss and Valerie close, but this hypothesis seems, at least for the unlikely moment. As we know, Kristina is bisexual and therefore could have a love affair with either a man and a woman.

The latest spoilers tease that Kriss' new love might be Harrison. If Chase and Willow leave, there will be a chance for Kriss. Surely, what's important to her now is to leave the DoD behind and look for a new purpose in her life. Hopefully, Shiloh won't take advantage of her frailty to bring her back into the trap of the dangerous sect. New developments will come with the next "General Hospital" (GH) spoilers, stay tuned to nt miss any news.