"General Hospital" spoilers for May 20 reveal big twists. Everything is now ready for the Nurses Ball 2019. Shiloh will be faced with Kristina, who seems intent on giving the head of the DoD more confidence. Sam is on the verge of being exposed by Shiloh Archer. Kriss' sister's plan risks taking a turn for the worse. Jason will be alarmed after receiving an agitated phone call and will get in the car to save Sam. Will he arrive in time? Also, I can tell you that Shiloh will ruin everything between Willow and Chase.

Shiloh ready to destroy Sam and Jason

"General Hospital" spoilers state Shiloh and Ryan may be killed. Sam is ready for anything to destroy Shiloh. With extreme courage, she agreed to attend the initiation ceremony, thus demonstrating her confidence in the sect of the DoD. As we know, the ritual involves the use of drugs and submission to the head of the sect, Shiloh. Sam, however, will be able to phone Jason, who will run to help her.

Meanwhile, at the Nurses Ball, Willow spends happy and romantic moments with Chase. The evil Shiloh will ruin everything, contrary to the relationship that is being established between Chase and Willow. Anna will disappoint Robert by telling him that she is linked to Finn.

Robert will not know how to react to the woman's confession.

Nurses Ball 2019 at the 'General Hospital'

Finally, the time for the Nurses Ball 2019 has come. "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that everything will happen during the party. On the May 20 episode, the dances will officially open. Shiloh will make the atmosphere hot as always, and he will not fail to terrorize both Sam and Willow with his psychological pressures.

According to Soap Hub, I know that Sam's plan is to record a video during his initiation ceremony. She will have evidence to hand over to the police to frame Shiloh Archer and his bloody Dawn of the Day sect.

However, Shiloh will be able to expose Sam. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers warn that the Sam will be in serious danger and that Jason may not be able to save her.

Other "GH" spoilers report that Josslin will have a special gift from Oscar Nero, who thought of her before he died. Sam will probably be able to sing the song she had prepared with her boyfriend. Finally, at the Nurses Ball, it will be revealed that Ryan does not have good intentions. Someone at the dance risks dying, as a mysterious protagonist sneaks into the party with a gun. Stay tuned.