"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers related to this week's episodes are not to be missed. Carly will go to the hospital and get tested for DNA. As a result, the truth about Wiley will come out, even though Brad has no intention of revealing his dark secret. Meanwhile, everything is ready for the Nurses Ball. Ryan could make his triumphant return on this very occasion. Kristina will also be present at the party, and she will have a strong clash with Sam.

Finally, the arrival of Shiloh will freeze the atmosphere. According to the latest "General Hospital" spoilers, Archer will finally understand why his follower Kristina has disappeared.

If Kriss tells the truth by betraying Sam and Jason, they'll get into trouble. We can't even imagine what the bloody reaction of Shiloh could be as he certainly doesn't like to be teased. Meanwhile, Spinelli plots behind Archer and will give precise instructions to Jason and Sammy to act against the head of the DoD.

'General Hospital': DNA test results jam Carly

"General Hospital" spoilers say that this week, Robert will make a mess. Scorpio will no longer be able to find Dr. Hamilton's engagement ring. The situation seems really complicated, as Finn wants the jewel. The ring is in Mike's hands, but he doesn't seem to want to return it to Robert. Meanwhile, Carly won't feel well and must be taken to the hospital immediately.

It will be the right opportunity to find out the truth about her son's fatherhood, as the woman will be tested for DNA.

Meanwhile, Curtis and Laura will have to make an important decision about Ryan. Chamberlain is still untraceable; however, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Ryan's hideout may soon be found.

In this regard, "General Hospital" spoilers tease that Ryan could arrive at the Nurses Ball (and not with friendly intentions).

Nurses Ball enlivened in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

This week the Nurses Ball will be held and everything will happen. "GH" spoilers say that at the party there will be Kristina, who will hurl herself against Sam.

Between the two women, there will be a violent quarrel. Some rumors from Celebrity Dirty Laundry suggest that the dangerous Shiloh might also show up at the ball. Sam will come face to face with Shiloh and Kristina and will not know what to do.

A twist on Willow: In this week's episodes, Lucas will say that Willow is Wiley's mother, messing up all the balances. Everybody thinks Wiley is dead, but actually, there was an exchange of cradles by Brad. Finally, Bradford Spinelli will be ready to continue his plan against Shiloh. Sonny and Jason are about to act. Stay tuned and don't miss the latest "General Hospital" (GH) spoilers.