On "General Hospital" Jordan Ashford thought she had found a kidney donor in Kevin Collins but he is pre-diabetic and cannot help her. The fact that he is a match, indicates that his serial killer brother is as well. Curtis is on a double mission to capture Ryan and bring him to justice and also get him to save his wife's life. Robert Scorpio is going to misplace his ex-wife's engagement ring. He will be called out on his motives by Mac and Felicia, who believe he is actively trying to stop Anna from marrying Dr. Finn. The detective and the WSB agent are both flirting with danger, but it's all for the women they are in love with.

Curtis wants Ryan's kidney

Curtis Ashford believes Ryan Chamberlain is still alive and wants the serial killer brought to justice. he now is highly motivated to capture the evil twin for another reason. Kevin found out he was a match for Jordan and volunteered to donate his organ. Unfortunately, he is also pre-diabetic, which renders him unable to assist. This also indicates that his twin is match and his kidney could save Jordan's life, Detective Ashford is now on a mission to quickly locate the evil twin so that once apprehended, he will save Jordan's life. Initially, some viewers believed "General Hospital" would have Oscar be the kidney donor, but he was cremated on Monday.

Now Curtis is in a race against time because his wife's condition is declining.

The big questions now are whether or not Ryan is really alive and will he be willing to give up his organ? It could be that detective Ashford wants the serial killer dead so he can be assured that his organ will save Jordan's life. Is Curtis willing to commit murder, to save the woman he loves? Whatever happens, everything on "General Hospital" seems to be indicating that Kevin's sibling is indeed still living and breathing.

Robert is trying to break up Anna and Finn

Rebecca Budig has confirmed that she is returning to "General Hospital" as Hayden and the timing is quite interesting. Ms. Barnes will be showing up in Port Charles just as Robert seems to be trying to stop Anna from marrying Finn. Spoilers say this week Mr. Scorpio will misplace the doctor's engagement ring and enlist Mac to help find a replacement.

Felicia will as her brother in law if he is still in love with Anna and hoping the engagement and wedding never take place? This brings up the possibility that the WSB agent is the one who is bringing Hayden back to town.

A very pregnant Ms. Barnes left Port Charles in 2017 and later notified Finn that she had lost their child. The next time she was on screen, Hayden was shown with a baby bump indicating she was still with child. Anna and Dr. Finn will be shocked to see Hayden with a son or daughter who is almost two years old. This will no doubt cause problems in the relationship and naturally, Robert will be there for his ex-wife to lean on. "GH" spoilers have not yet revealed what Finn will do when he sees his child, so stay tuned to find out if Robert succeeds with his plot.