In recent years Robert Scorpio has pretty much been harmless in Port Charles. He shows up from time to time to help out with a WSB case and then is gone. Now that his portrayer, Tristan Rogers is no longer doing double duty on "Y&R" as Colin Atkinson, "General Hospital" is bringing out his sneaky side. This week Mac and Felicia will confront Robert about unconsciously trying to sabotage Anna and Dr. Finn's relationship. The engagement ring will mysteriously disappear while in the hands of the master spy, and he may even be behind the return of Hayden Barnes in an attempt to stop the wedding His sister in law will even as if he is still in love with his former wife.

Robert enlists Mac and Felicia

Last week on "General Hospital," Anna asked her former husband to stop giving Dr. Finn such a hard time. Robert played it off as if he were innocent, but his recent actions tell a different story. He has been rude and condescending towards his ex-wife's new love every chance he gets. Now his brother and sister in law will get mixed up in his scheme to stop the wedding. Mr. Scorpio was in possession of the engagement ring that the good doc is going to present to Anna, but it will mysteriously disappear. Mac will attempt to help his sibling get a replacement before Finn decides to actually propose.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Felicia is going to play shrink with her brother in law and analyze what is really going on.

She will suggest to Robert that he is still in love with Anna and trying to stop the wedding. Naturally, he will deny the way he is behaving speaks for itself. "General Hospital" fans of Mac and Felicia will be thankful to see this couple have more screen time, even if it is only as comic relief for the WSB agent.

Robert may bring Hayden back

Soap Dirt spoilers revealed last week that Rebecca Budig is returning to "General Hospital" as Hayden Barnes. Dr. Finn believes that she miscarried their unborn child but viewers now she was still pregnant. It could be that Robert has convinced Ms. Barnes to return to Port Charles so that the wedding of Anna and Dr.

Finn does not take place. If this is true, then Felicia's assessment of her brother in law is spot on. It could be that Robert truly still loves his former wife, or he may simply not want to see her moe on with anyone else.

Should Anna find out that Mac and Felicia were in on the ring deception and aware that Robert has ulterior motives, this may damage her relationship with all three of them. One thing is sure, and that is that Hayden's returning with her child, no matter who initiated it will be a bombshell Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Continue to watch for spoiler alerts to update the saga of Anna, Robert, and Finn.