"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers reveal that Kim may be trying to commit suicide. Oscar's death has devastated her, although Drew is trying to console her and offer her support. Her pain and despair will take her over, leaving her in a pitiful state. In addition to suicide, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it is possible that Kim will fall into the drug tunnel. In short, it seems that Oscar's Nero mother wants to find a way to suffocate her immense pain. The latest "GH" spoilers ensure that Kim will do something extreme in the next few episodes, which could have severe consequences for her and her family.

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General Hospital': Kim and Drew on a mission to Kilimanjaro for Oscar Nero

In the next episodes of "GH", Kim and Drew will decide to give Oscar a special burial. The two will leave for Mount Kilimanjaro, with the intention of spreading the ashes of the boy, now finally free to suffer no more. Despite the gesture of love, Kim will not be able to overcome the pain of the loss of Oscar Nero. Spreading the boy's ashes, Oscar's last wish before he died, gave Kim the impression that he could still do something for him. When this mission ends, too, the sense of emptiness will devastate her deeply. Drew's reassurance and closeness will do nothing.

According to the latest "General Hospital" spoilers, Kim will not be able to recover and will continue to think about Oscar's death.

The negative thoughts will take over, and Kim will end up making reckless and very dangerous gestures for herself. We still don't know exactly what Kim will do, but she will surely put her life in serious danger.

Kim could commit suicide in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" other spoilers arriving from Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveal that Kim will do something extreme, failing to forget Oscar.

The consequences will be very serious and will have a serious impact on the lives of Julian and Drew. Kim had thought of joining the DoD, which Shiloh had been enticing her to do. However, this unhealthy idea had fortunately been shelved. Now that Kim is fragile though, we can't rule out that she's trying to find comfort in the sect run by the evil Archer.

Another hypothesis is that Kim sees her abuse of antidepressant drugs or, even worse, drugs to inhibit her pain. Unfortunately, the latest "General Hospital" spoilers don't exclude that Kim can choose the most extreme way, that is suicide. How will Drew be able to bear the loss of Kim after Oscar's death? Surely, soon, Kim will give the first signs of failure, giving details of the dangerous path he will take. Stay tuned for the next "General Hospital" spoilers.