"The Bold and the Beautiful" fans were troubled when Brad Bell said the baby switch storyline could go on for years. Loyal fans want Hope and Liam to know that Phoebe is really Beth ASAP. The executive producer/head writer obviously decided to give those who watch the CBS daytime drama something to look forward to, because he has just announced a definite timeline for ending this drama, Soap Opera Spy is reporting that Bell has stated that the truth will be revealed during November sweeps. Devotees of the show were hoping the issue would be resolved sooner, but fall is better than years from now.

Brad Bell keeps 'B&B' fans in the loop

"B&B" viewers have been expressing their displeasure at the fact that Steffy is raising Liam and Hope's child. When Brad Bell said the storyline could go on for years, viewers were really disgruntled. Perhaps the executive producer/ head writer considered how "Y&R" head writer Mal Young was replaced when he tampered with Genoa City history and fired a beloved character. Bell has now decided to keep loyal fans in the loop by announcing that this storyline will be concluded during November sweeps.

A lot of damage has been done to "B&B" characters and by November things in LA will really be out of hand. Hope is walking out of her marriage to Liam and decided to be a mother to Douglas.

She is trying to convince her spouse to be with Steffy and her girls. The strain of the situation has been great on Ridge and Brooke's marriage, while Wyatt is dating Flo without knowing the secret she is hiding. The saddest part of it all is that someone will lose their life because of the baby switch.

'B&B' characters suffer because of the baby switch

Between now and November there will be a lot of decisions made because of false information. Once the truth is revealed, Liam. Hope and Steffy will find themselves once more in the midst of indecision and the "B&B" love triangle will begin again. Wyatt's relationship with Flo will blow up and Shauna will no doubt be kicked out of the Forrester mansion.

The Logans will be outraged because they welcomed their new family member with open arms. Steffy will be devastated and chaos will reign for quite some time.

At least now those who enjoy "The Bold and the Beautiful" can count down until November instead of having no idea how long this deception would have been going on. Soap Opera Spy and Soaps She Knows both promise to update this situation when spoiler alerts become available. Continue enjoying the drama of the Foresters, Logans. and Spencers, each weekday afternoon on CBS at 1:30 PM EST. Things will surely get a lot worse before they become better for everyone.