When Summer first returned to Genoa City, Kyle wanted to revisit their romance, but she was too busy trying to get Billy in bed, Once Kyle moved on with Lola, Summer realized she loved him and began trying to get him back. Now, spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that Kola may be in trouble and Skyle may still have a chance. The current storyline has Kyle and Lola blissfully happy and enjoying cohabitating, but it's almost too good to be true. The couple is saccharin sweet, and spoilers call them boring. Now that Theo has entered the picture, things could go in several different directions and leave a few broken hearts along the way.

Summer has haters on 'Y&R'

When Phyllis and Nick's daughter returned to Genoa City last year, she got on everyone's nerves. The haters really came when Summer began trying to sabotage Kola's relationship. Some "Y&R" viewers have also expressed their disdain for Ms. Newman/Abbott. In recent months, however, Summer has been maturing, and now it is Kyle and Loa who are coming off as selfish and immature. Spoilers are teasing that the "Snowflake" may still end up with her man.

There will always be Kola supporters, and if Celeb Dirty Laundry is correct, they won't stand for a Skyle reunion. Let's hope they don't take the storyline out on Hunter King as some "Y&R" fans did with Beth Maitland. Soap Dirt reports that disgruntled viewers expressed their disdain at Traci possibly being paired with Cane and one in particular resorted to insulting Ms.

Maitland personally. Those who enjoy the action in Genoa City need to remember it's only fiction.

Kyle may choose Summer

Skyle have amazing chemistry on "Y&R" and are very believable together. Lola and her first lover seem to be trying too hard. After months of being a workaholic, suddenly Ms. Rosales is carefree with time for picnics in the park.

Soon she will have her mother Celeste underfoot, and Kyle may become distracted by Summer no longer chasing him. The "Snowflake" asked Jack to reassign his son to another position at Jabot, s the duo will no longer be working side by side.

CDL indicates that Summer will be spending a lot of time with Theo, although it's not yet known if she will fall for him or is only trying to make Kyle jealous.

Lola will no doubt be ecstatic to find that Summer is interested in another man. Along with no longer working with Kyle at Jabot, Ms. Rosales will believe smooth sailing is ahead. Will Summer actually fall for Theo and forget Kyle, and will Mr. Abbott become jealous and want her back? There is only one way to know for sure.

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