"General Hospital" spoilers, for the next two weeks, reveal that after the death of Oscar, there will be changes in the life of Josslyn. In addition, Drew will arrive in Port Charles to stay close to his family destroyed by the pain. At the same time, Kim will approach Drew to offer him his support. The relationship between the two will grow steadily stronger, not excluding unexpected surprises. Oscar Nero's funeral will give the opportunity for several protagonists to discover hidden sides of their character and new friendships will be consolidated.

Oscar's last wish, to see his family reunited, will be fulfilled. A truly exciting moment will be the viewing of the film that Oscar has recorded for Joss. Other "GH" spoilers say that Jasper will be close to her.

Julian risks going to prison

"General Hospital" spoilers also say that Julian will lose control and risk ending up in prison. Fortunately, Alexis will intervene in time and prevent Julian from being arrested. What will he do? In all likelihood, Julian will have a confrontation with Shiloh which could end in the worst possible way. Julian will be on the verge of discovering what Shiloh Archer was able to do to Kristina and Willow.

Julian's reaction, at that point, will be tremendous.

Carly will have to go to General Hospital and Jason will accompany her. The woman will try to oppose, but Jason will win. Carly will undergo all the clinical examinations to make sure she and the baby are okay. The woman's secret is finally about to be discovered. Meanwhile, Lulu will continue to think of Dante. The two of them will spend time together, getting even closer.

Willow's revelation

"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that there will be a tough confrontation between Nina and Willow. Charlotte will also be involved in this fight. The discussion will degenerate and the situation will become more complicated. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Willow will decide to make a disconcerting revelation.

Willow's words will upset everyone, what will he say about so important?

In addition, there will be clarity about Kristina. In this regard, Sonny will discover a secret about the girl and her connection with Shiloh Archer. Again, there will be consequences not to be underestimated. Despite Dr. Neil's psychotherapy sessions, Kriss doesn't seem to realize she's been manipulated by the DoD and will want to return to the community house as soon as possible. Let's not forget that Brad will no longer be able to have control of himself, completely subdued by the members of the DoD sect. In short, many new scenarios and new storylines will excite the audience of the soap opera. To know the developments, don't miss the next "General Hospital" spoilers.