"Days Of Our Lives" (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Ben will remember a crucial detail about what happened to the Cabin Fever. The boy will undergo a hypnosis session that will prove to be determined. What will happen? Let's not forget that a new policewoman has arrived in Salem, determined to frame him. The tension will become very high. Ben will feel pressured and will not know what to do. If on the one hand, the police commissioner is investigating him, on the other hand, there is Eve, ready to take revenge on Ben, guilty of having killed Paige mercilessly.

Has the end of the game really come for Ben? Apparently not, since thanks to a hypnosis session carried out by Marlene, a new clue will emerge. Ben will understand that in the cabin it was not just that damn night. Will his memory lead him to the truth, and will he succeed in framing Claire?

'Days of Our Lives': Ben's unconscious hides all the answers

The latest and interesting "DOOL" spoilers focus on the complicated situation of Ben, who now seems to have no way out. As we know, Ben set off a fire in the cabin, endangering Ciara. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, most likely Eve will seek the support of Ciara to arrest Ben. It won't be an easy task, also because Ben doesn't remember anything about what happened, because he lost his memory and, at the time of the fire, he hadn't taken his medicines.

In Ben's soul, conflicting thoughts will follow one another. His mind will begin to be rather confused and, in a short time, the first memories will emerge. In previous episodes of "DOOL", Ben had had a flashback looking at a lighter's flame. Day after day, he will be able to recompose the dramatic puzzle.

Ben under hypnosis in the next episodes of 'Days of Our Lives'

According to the "Days of Our Lives" latest spoilers, Ben will begin to believe that Claire is actually responsible for the fire. The man will confess his thoughts to Ciara, who will be hesitant about it. However, Ben will be so convinced that Claire has set the cabin on fire that he will ask Marlena for support.

This is how Ben will undergo a new session of hypnosis. Now it is essential for him to get to the truth. No doubt Ben's sudden memories will change everything.

News of Celebrity Dirty Laundry says that Marlena will try to have a more intense session of hypnosis, which will lead to the desired results. Ben will remember a strange ringtone on a telephone other than his own. That means that on that damn night, he wasn't alone. The incredible "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) spoilers reveal that the ringtone Ben will hear will be that of a woman he knows very well. Will Claire be caught by Ben's sudden memory? We'll see.