On "General Hospital" someone is about to meet their maker and, more than likely, it will be Kevin's evil twin. Ava Jerome has set up a situation and she believes she has devised the perfect trap to catch her daughter's killer. On Wednesday she went to a secluded location to lure the serial killer into her plot. Many viewers of the ABC daytime drama have stated that they believe Kiki's mom should be the one to terminate Ryan Chamberlain once and for all, and they might just get their wish, As Ava was pouring herself a drink, the demented doctor was standing outside her door and no one else except her driver knows where she is.

Only one of them will come out of this alive.

Ava's revenge against Ryan

Earlier this year, Maura West said in an interview that she believed that her "GH" character should be the one to end Ryan's life and many fans agreed. The serial killer believes he has crept up on his former fiancee and will surprise her, but he may be the one to get the shock of his life. Ms. Jerome is not hiding from the man who murdered her daughter, she is waiting for him so she can have the ultimate revenge.

Ryan believes he is the mastermind, but this will be the second time Ava has gotten the upper hand on the evil twin. She and Kevin came up with the plan of pretending to be lovers to draw the serial killer back to Port Charles.

Now she has lured him to his possible demise. Ms. Jerome is outraged that the man she fell in love with was masquerading as his identical sibling and proposed to her knowing he had taken the life of her only child. "General Hospital" writers have obviously decided to give Maura West and loyal fans just what they have been longing for as Ava and Ryan are poised for a one on one showdown.

Ryan's death may save another life

Should Ava obtain her revenge on Ryan, the serial killer's death may result in someone else's life being spared. Jordan's health just took a turn for the worst and she is in desperate need of a kidney. Kevin was a match but could not donate because he is pre-diabetic. This indicates that his demented twin is also a match if he is not also dealing with blood sugar issues.

This means that detective Chase and the others who are at the "General Hospital" annual Nurses Ball will have to quickly figure out where Ava and Ryan are located.

With no other available kidney donors and Jordan on the verge of death, time is of the essence. Kevin's twin must die, whether he is killed by Ava, her rescuers, or takes his on life. The serial killer storyline must come to a close and the police commissioner's life saved. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out how Ryan Chamberlain meets his demise. Catch all the goings-on in Port Charles weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.