"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that the fake Nicole will be unmasked very soon, most likely by the curious and brave Kate. Kate saw Xander leave the hotel room where Nicole is staying, which made her very suspicious. As we know, there's bad blood between the two and Nicole put up with Xander. Kate's investigations will continue and she will involve other people. Something inexplicable, however, escapes the control of the perceptive Kate. It's the fake death of Holly, a detail that until now has been overlooked.

Kate's courage could put her in serious danger

The shocking truth about the fake Nicole will finally be discovered. Maggie seems to have lost control after the latest events, starting with Holly's death. Kate will continue to be involved in Maggie's complicated life and will not know how to find a way out.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that the two women will find themselves involved in a storyline with an unexpected outcome. Kate knows a lot of interesting information about Nicole's mysterious case. In previous episodes of the soap opera, Kate saw Xander sneaking out of a hotel room. She found Nicole in that room. The woman wondered what's really happening because Nicole and Xander can't stand each other.

Nicole is about to be discovered

Kate is very curious and loves to have everything under control. For this very reason, she will continue to investigate the strange relationship between Xander and Nicole, eventually arriving at the unexpected truth. One of the many secrets that fans of "Days of Our Lives" are looking forward to is the one about Holly's fake death.

It was Ted and Xander who staged the girl's death.

Also, Kristen pretends to be the real Nicole. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it won't be long until Kate discovers who is responsible. As you can imagine, Kate will want to shed some light on all this, underestimating the danger she is facing.

According to CDL, Kristen will discover that Kate knows dangerous information.

What will happen? Kate may be killed or kidnapped. That could keep her silent forever about the thorny affair concerning the fake Nicole and Holly's death. A twist will drive fans crazy.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the game of the fake Nicole is about to end in the worst possible way. The latest and tantalizing "Days of Our Lives" spoilers ensure that Nicole will soon be unmasked.