Ingo Rademacher is returning to his "General Hospital" role of Jasper Jax, to help his daughter deal with her grief. Josslyn is devastated that Oscar died and will need her dad in Port Charles. The aftermath of the brain tumor, young Mr. Nero passing away and his memorial service may prove too much for the teen to deal with. Cameron is dealing with his own grief, and Trina only came on the scene near the end., Sonny is trying to deprogram Kristina and keep her from Dawn of Day, while Carly is dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. The teen will welcome her father reaching out to her during such a difficult time.

Jax bonds with Drew

Soap Dirt indicates that when Jax returns to Port Charles he will not only be there for Joss, but he will find himself bonding with Drew. His focus will be on offering support for his daughter, in the wake of Oscar's death, but he will also form a friendship with the teen's dad. Both men have something in common, which is being on the outside of the Corinthos circle. When everyone realized Drew was not the real Jason, his connection with the family was severed. This only intensified when Sam divorced him and went back to his brother.

Jax does not care for Sonny or Jason very much and hates that Carly went back to the former mob boss. It was not that long ago that Sonny had Jax deported and unable to return to Port Charles.

Joss got her stepdad to change his mind, and now her dad can be there for her during her time of trouble. Spoilers don't detail the direction the friendship will go, but only that the two men will begin to grow closer, because of Oscar.

Joss and Cameron honor Oscar

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Jax will be in Port Charles to lend moral support to his daughter as she goes through the stages of grief.

The spoiler also says that Josslyn and Cameron will do a tribute to Oscar during the Nurses Ball. Ned helped the dying teen finish the song that he and Joss were working on, so perhaps she and Cam might sing it together. CDL teases that there may be a future for "Jam" as they move forward dealing with their shared grief.

The spoiler says Josslyn may feel guilty at first and be confused about having feelings for her friend.

She could believe she is cheating on Oscar because she told him that she would love him forever. Viewers know that Cameron is in love with Ms. Jax, but pushed his feelings aside to help Oscar in his last days. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update this intriguing storyline. Continue to keep up with the residents of Port Charles, by watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. May Sweeps and the Nurses Ball are definitely going to be must-see TV, so stay tuned.