"The Bold and the Beautiful" is going to increase the intrigue surrounding the baby swap as viewers wait for the deception to come to light. Things will become so out of hand that someone will actually lose their life in order to keep the secret. Steffy has returned to LA to find Liam's marriage is breaking up and Thomas wants Hope to be with him and Douglas. Zoe wants Flo and Shauna to remain quiet about Phoebe being Beth and the tension is mounting. Spoiler alerts indicate that two additional employees of Forrester Creations will soon find out what Dr.

Buckingham did in Catalina. One of them will desire to reveal the truth and the other may take a life.

Murder comes to 'B&B'

Last week, executive producer Bradl Bell announced that someone was definitely going to die on "The Bold and the Beautiful". He emphasized that it would be related to the fact that Steffy is raising Hope and Liam's child. Now Celeb Dirty Laundry is revealing the names of the possible murderer and victim. The spoiler teases that Xander will overhear a conversation between Zoe and Flo that will let him in on the fact that Phoebe is really Beth. The spoiler indicates that Thomas will also find out the truth. but does not say how he gains this knowledge.

Thomas will find out that Xander knows the babies were switched and decide that Zoe's lover is a threat to his happiness with Hope, CDL suggests that Ridge and Taylor's son may commit murder to keep things going his way, Right now, Thomas is excited and confident that his plan seems to be going smoothly.

He recently forged a letter from Caroline which gave Hope the impression that fate wants her to be a mother to Douglas. Because he has shown himself to be so devious and manipulative, it will not be a stretch for "B&B" viewers to believe that little Douglas has a father who could take a human life to further his cause.

'B&B' baby swap to blame for upcoming death

Whether it is Xander or someone else who dies, Brad Bell has assured "B&B" viewers that the loss of life will be related to the knowledge that Phoebe is really Beth. If indeed it is the Avant's nephew who is murdered, his girlfriend will no doubt blame herself and her father. If Zoe had not been trying to protect Dr.

Buckingham and told the truth right away then none of this would be happening. Liam and Hope would be raising Beth instead of discussion divorce, and Thomas may not have been able to cause so much disruption.

Zoe may soon regret her decision and find it brings her heartbreak. Choosing to keep quiet about the baby swap, may cost the man she loves his life. By protecting her father's secret, she may have sentenced Xander to death. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this storyline and continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" each weekday afternoon on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.