"The Young and the Restless" Kola fans are rejoicing because their favorite couple is together, but there is more than likely trouble ahead. Focus on Summer's antics have pushed to the back burner all the reasons Kyle and Lola have had so many problems. The girl from the working class background may eventually find that she does not fit into the world of Newmans and Abbott's. Kyle is trying too hard to make this new relationship work and his soon to be ex-wife is over the top in her attempts to cause problems and it all may soon backfire. Summer chose loyalty to Jabot over her mother and Jack has promised to have her back.

There is no telling where all of this is headed so viewers should pay close attention.

Lola and Kyle's unresolved issues

Kola fans are excited to see love blossom for their favorite "Y&R" couple and ecstatic that scheming Summer got what is coming to her. Kyle and Lola are having picnics and rooftop romance and enjoying their honeymoon phase. Right now Kyle is trying his best to set boundaries with his wife and wants to prove to her that their relationship is over. He truly believes he and Lola have eternal love, but there are many reasons why their relationship may not last, and the couple ends up a big joke.

Initially, Lola had problems with Kyle being a big spender and broke up with him because he purchased her a designer purse for Christmas.

She then ran off when she saw him kissing Summer at the Abbott cabin. Lola was also a workaholic who never had time to date. Now, suddenly Ms. Rosales has much free time for her man, has forgotten that he recently was in Summer's bed and that he is still very much a rich playboy. Lola was intimidated by her rival for quite a while because she was a virgin and Summer very experienced.

It would be wrong for "The Young and the Restless" to sweep these issues under the rug as if love conquers all.

Summer may win Kyle back

Jack will surely tell his son that he was impressed that Summer put their family business over her relationship with her mother. There is also the tender way she helps Dina who has Alzheimer's disease.

Kyle has been seeing these subtle changes in Summer and that is why it took him so long to break things off with her. Ms. Newman/Abbott has the tenacity of a dog with a bone and she will hold on until she gets what she wants. She may even flaunt a new man in front of Kyle to get him to realize deep down they are soul mates. "The Young and the Restless" has Kola with stars in their eyes right now, but soap fans know that anything that loos too good to be true usually is.

Summer and Kyle are cut from the same cloth of privilege, excess and being spoiled rich kids. They understand each other in a way that Lola will never comprehend. Once each stops trying to prove their point, who knows what may happen between them?

On Tuesday's "Y&R" episode Kyle suggested that he and Lola get their own place. It's all sunshine and roses right now but "Skyle" fans are holding out that this will be a "Summer" to remember so stay tuned.